Mining Setup help

Hello , im new of BitcoinZ and of mining in general , but now i want start a new project.

for mining BitcoinZ what is yours setup?

is possible mine with antminer?

what is for you the best setup for mining this algorithm?

thanks in advance and happy mining to all!

I can’t help you if you are using ASIC.
You get most BtcZ when mining with Nvidias and boosting core.

my idea would be to start a small mining farm based on 144_5 algorithm. solar powered. to create a coherent business plan I would need some examples of rigs already working. from my latest research I realized that perhaps the most convenient rig to build is a rig of gtx1060 for the yield w / sol. Anyone have a rig of gtx 1060 3gb in use to actually understand the yield and consumption?
thanks for everything any advice is accepted!