Money to Managers and Payment System (not enough votes but done)

Hi everyone,
After numerous discussions with the community about giving 36 million to managers, as previously promised I reopen the vote with many more options,
I had not given much importance to smaller choices because of the too much trust I personally have towards managers. I propose a new vote to identify how much money to give each manager for his 6 months of activity. I hope this is appreciated by those who were worried. I had said that I would not post again but I wanted to make up for my mistake (I didn’t want to create a problem to btcz)

These are the total number of millions made available to the 5 managers in 6 months.
so if you vote 1, you will give them, just 1 million divided 5 managers. 1/5= 0.2 milion each manager
the same vote will be taken again before the next elections.
( because with the change of the price, also the necessary coins are variable

I leave the vote visible so that the community can change and choose the best thing and compare your choice with other choices. People can change and the higher choice will win.
the vote will be closed in 14 days to give everyone time to choose.

The system does not allow me to open 1 poll. I’m going to open 2, answer from 1 to 40 million.

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Please look carefully at this too

I have been warned by my developer that the cost of integrating btcz on the Ezdefi plugin has increased. I closed the vote because the community was not interested and things like this require quick answers.(for what I thought that giving more money to managers allowed us not to miss these opportunities but it is a point already discussed. I’m not here to talk about it again.)

Even if the price has risen, I believe it is an opportunity that we are about to miss and that is still worth the effort. The more the company will establish itself in the sector, the more the cost will rise. Services like this (coinpayments) ask for 10k euros for the integration of new coins and another 10k for coins with small volumes.

EzDefi has a beautiful interface, and has the ability to set a discount for payment in a specific currency, not to mention the low price to pay per transaction. ( imagine if we make agreements where payments with btcz will have a discount)
I took the liberty of setting up a payment demo so that the community can try it out. (i set usdt -5% discount)

wallet (it is not mandatory to use their wallet, the payment can also be received on your ledger or another wallet, but i think this wallet is great and the fees for send out are super cheap so you not risk any intermediary scam)

I summarize the cost.

  1. Listing fee to EzDeFi Wallet & Chrome extension:
    Onetime fee: 200 USD
  2. Listing fee to EzDeFi Payment Gateway:

Setup Fee: 1000 USD

Annual Maintenance Fee: 200 USD
Since the payment will be in USDT, I would like to ask the community to purchase BTC from Vaultz by paying in USDT.

Once btcz is integrated into this plugin, payments with btcz will be possible on this platform.


not only this :slight_smile: is there an opportunity to integrate the payment system into any platform, apps, I will use it for poker. sure!

I hope that with the demo this time you can get a quick idea of the opportunity. Vote yes if you want to integrate btcz into EzDefi. I put 10 days for the vote because I don’t want the prices to rise again. If you think it is wrong and contrary to the principles of the community just reply to the post and I will increase the time.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly apologize again to @VandarGR and @Monobody . if I offended you, I felt attacked but that doesn’t matter. sorry if you can :slightly_frowning_face:


this votation will not be possible to change and the votes will only be visible at the end.
think before vote or vote yes :slight_smile: (joke)

you agree to pay to insert btcz into EZdefi?

  • Yes
  • No

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Costs for EzDefi seem quite logical to me, we have to only make sure that there will be no volume requirement for the payment gateways and that the 200$ each year will be always around 200$ per year for keeping our coin functional in their gateways.

I mean that a delisting because of low volume (something that is low for our coin currently ) would be very bad.

I would gladly buy some btcz from the VaultZ to support both the EzDefi multiwallet and ezdefi gateways listing.

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I’m talking to the CEO, and I gave him an idea to improve EzDefi. there are no dangers.

I have an idea we could create a small team to contact the every eccomerce who still do not accept btc, and install them for free the plugin if they will also accept btcz.

If the community Interesting, I Will speak whit the CEO and Will conferme me by email that It Will be everyyear 200 usd. Dont worry. I m sure that he Will conferme me… we have good feeling.


Can you invite him/her here to the forum so we can ask some questions?

The cost of proposal is almost twice greater than that of PlusBit. It is something to consider.
The escrow function sounds really interesting. I will cast my vote after some more people like @Marcelus @cryptorex @Oduvanchik @gilardh share their opinion :wink: What do you guys think?

hi monobody,
it’s not entirely accurate. plusbit received 2 payments. integration and wallet (400$ + 700 $)
19 oct the first… and the other now

you also have to think that plusbit gave a wallet and in truth I think the use of the pos, it does not work.
who’s crazy using Pos crypto-money in 2020 ? (I’m not saying it won’t work in the future but nowadays it doesn’t)

I for example do not need to use plusbit and I will use the official wallet of btcz. that’s why I voted no. I don’t see need in plusbit wallet

Ezdefi is different, allows you to use crypto to accept payments in Ecommerce, poker sites, apps like uber. it’s very different. for me there’s just nothing to compare. for example in all my online bussness I need to receive payments in usdt or btc, and also have btcz is staying in the middle of the big cryptos. I think it’s a golden opportunity.

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Yes, you are right, I forgot about the initial payment we did, so yes, the cost is comparable.

Can you invite a EzDeFi person here to the forum so we can ask some questions? I’m sure there would be some? So far it looks like only 3 people talk here :slight_smile: Let’s see other opinions, if there are any?

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Ezdefi will most likely be approved in a few hours. We need to give 0.15 btc or usdt to ezdefi

13643479 btcz to btc at 0.000000008 = 0.109147832 btc
5837000 btcz to btc at 0.000000007 = 0.040859 btc

total : 19.480.479 btcz +0.1% conversion fees= 19499959.479 i know that is not a good price to sell… but we can’t wait the coin go more down before we start doing something.

my proposal of giving more money to managers is also to get the manager organized and change the btcz when it’s a good price for be ready when they need and not so. but it was rejected by the community. so this is the only way to do the things.

please @cryptorex relase the btcz for pay ezdefi.

this my wallet in crex24 but if you prefer convert in btc by yourself its the same. only please say me the exactly date that we will have the btc ready (better usdt) but is ok also btc. or if somebody have a different idea, please write. thanks

I am disappointed that nobody from @Marcelus @cryptorex @Oduvanchik @gilardh shared their opinion here in 9 days. We are so few and this proposal seem like an important now. It’s a pity.

4 hours left and we have a joke total votes of 7.

I see you are in a hurry Greyfox to do the payment (even if the voting has not even ended yet and despite the fact that there is a really small number of voters)!
Is there any good reason for this?
…Except of course from the astronomical number of the whole 2 people that follow ezdefi in twitter ( and the 16 likes they have got in facebook ( since their beginning (Nov. 2019). Note also that they have not posted anything since early January of this year and that their extension at chrome is not working (
So and based on these facts that I am amazed that noone till now has noticed why are you in such a hurry to do the payment?
Let alone that the ammount to be paid is almost 20% of the total amount this community has risen since the beginning of the vaultz.
20 million BTCZs for an unknown person or group of people that doesnt (dont) even care to come here at the forum to answer some simple questions as monobody requested are way too much (and way far from any reasonable amount)!
ezdefi should pay BTCZ community and not the other way around! They would gain views from us and not the other way around.
Also it would be quite irrational for our community to release this amount based on the voting of only 7 people (even if the voting will pass).
Lastly, having Vaultz doesnt mean we have to spend it all to the first random person who will promise us the stars. On the contrary we should be more careful because the more the Vaultz getting bigger, the more the scammers will want a share of this.
It is better to have a good target and slowly collect towards this target than gambling few times a percentage of this target in order to reach it by being just lucky (if).
I have already voted NO and I am sorry if I havent spoken my mind earlier.

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And instead of giving such ridiculously large amounts (in terms of BTCZ) in random internet people who are not appreciating BTCZ and will sell right away, just give these amounts to all these people who have proven to have contributed and are continiously doing so without asking for anything!

I’m glad that thanks to me you came back to write after a long time.

the community didn’t vote because maybe they’re all very busy going to the sea after quarantine. then what do you mean? If your goal is that you vote no, you can always contact your friends in the community and ask them to vote no. but the problem is that everyone here does their own business, and then criticizes others. i expect to see your proposal and see how much time you spent finding things for btcz

I paid poker site and changes that a freelencer is making because marcelus is busy, hotel for btcz meeting. i spend time for contact Ezdefi and Cryptomarketcap (if there you can read what is btcz is becouse i send 10 different emails) Who are you? If you have something to say, say it clearly.

I on the contrary your I tried this application, they are in 4 very used payment platforms and shopify must also arrive, the most used cms for ecommerce. the app works (I paid in usdt in wordpress and if they have some bug in google chrome can happen, i think the support is nice and respond me everytimes,. yes, is not a big company but for this you pay that) and I also put a server to let you try. Ungrateful.

the fact that I hurry to ask for the money as I did last time is because btc is falling and I don’t want to have to pay more. last time I also offered to anticipate them for plusbit. and we’re all waiting for our btcz because I’m the one who’s in a hurry. You participated there? or did you vote no there too?

we have to have usdt to pay, we can change them, we can give them to the community as last time or we can make a donation. if no one answers I offered to change them.

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I am here before you! I speak only when it matters. I always support in my way.
Thank you for the Coinmarketcap and the Poker contributions but this is not the case here.

People being busy going to sea is just an assumption based on nothing.

You say nothing to support the ridiculously large amount (in terms of BTCZ) you ask the community to pay to an almost non existing (in social media and our forum) person or group of people or company or whatever ezdefi is.

Recentrly you proposed for a member to apply for a manager should be registered for at least one year on the btcz forum, but you are OK?! to give 20 Million BTCZ (20% of the Vaultz) to a random internet entity which is not even here.

This is quite oxymoron, dont you think?

before criticizing you saw the reviews.? it’s a new company but I’m working on it and I like it, the support has always responded to me. they dont ask the 20% of the vaultz. they ask 1400 usd. i dont think is a lot and i already say that other services like this cost much more. (and maybe we can pay only for the payment system that is what is important and not for the wallet and google integration) so 1200 usd.
the problem is that btcz is down, and also for people like you and komete that come before of me… and after forget the project. sometimes come and say somenthing.
I talk to him and I talked to him. and from personal experience. I tell you exdefi in a year I’ll be as etherium after borned. I tried their technology, it’s safe, cheap, fast, are few like us. they have difficulty being behind social media, but they have integrated the application into all cms in no time. only missing shopify. and if you tested like me, you understand.
are meant to take a big part of the online market. I recognize an honest and winning company and Ezdefi is it.!
thank you for your opinion

people who speak just to say something. i continue to respond like 1 comment here (in opencart, another big cms for the ecommence)… only 1 word excelent
64 comments and every 5 stars. i m not interesting to the social, i interesting in these things. these guys working really good. and if you want i can report some comment here if you’re so tired that you haven’t even tried to read plugins instead of social.

Believing that ezdefi is a winning company is just an assumption and following that assumption is just like gambling.

On the other hand and based on facts ezdefi is not a winning company and we do not know if it will be.

If it ever become a winning one we can come back and pay (and more if if needed).
But for now they should pay us because they are being advertized through us.

These are not extensive reviews and could be just bots. Also, these nicks “name” followed by 2 digits

Kind of suspicious, don’t you think?
I would be grateful @GreyFox if, since you have such a good connection with the EzDefi Support, to invite one of their people to this forum so they could very briefly state what they guarantee?
This proposal requires 12% of our current VaultZ funds image
So it would be optimal if we spent it very carefully. I am not voting against it yet, all I would like to see is a some sort of communication with people behind it.

please monobody, use the plugin, try it. look at all the comments and then you get an idea. I’m definitely going to try to bring the ceo here. but if it doesn’t come then you don’t? you understand that this mentality doesn’t make sense.

only this comment, show you that maybe btcz will be used in 50 different website. I don’t understand if you want like me that this coin goes up. comments like " EzDeFi Is a Helping Star" you can understand if you test the plugin like me. please test it

Attacking the personality or mentality of others when they dont agree with you is not a way to convince them.
On the contrary it shows an irrational person who sticks to his point of view despite the observed facts. Of course this can be clearly seen at the choice of votation that doesnt support a change of mind.

I didn’t tell you anything. I said what’s true. you suggested that I wanted to hurry for what?

I answered what I think, if the btcz have gone low it is for people like you who this year has been absent. while people like me threw time and money. so if you allow when you say something like. why do you want to hurry …? do you gain anything?
However, a vote was taken. I am sorry that many did not participate.
If you had any questions to ask, I would have answered you sooner. and I would have sent you the comments first. but you just wanted to vote no(you vote before of today). so today you want only criticize. you’re right, I just had to ignore you.