Hi, I Joined BTCZ Mining a few Days now and it can be the next dogecoin I said one year ago to my friend buy dogecoin and leave it there for 1 year now the money is x150 the amount deposit

I believe this coin has more potential base on the fact is only kept alive by stranger irony and doing charity admirable and honestly, a found true love for this coin and a chance to be closer to this coin currently using gtx1050 4GB and my friend helping me out with a 1070 8GB from time to time cause I do believe this coin will rise

I see a lot of people making suggestions and accumulate a good amount of info and see that our main problem we are an underdog we do promotion of article thru social media platform such as the coin had a few spikes over the days assuming how I end up here thru the website calculator

Pinterest, Facebook Gaming Groups, and pc building groups to target smart people possibly a miner. Sponsor a gamer influencer get our tags out there, and I notice some calculators are wrong about how much the coin values which undervalue and scare miners. on k1pool I’m coin about per day is 5 dollars

with a rite calculator Like this

and if u look here how much for mining the coin its very low like 25% that’s bad for business it was also this calculator why I start mining BTCZ it was the highest so these things a valid to the new miners potential business

The next thing blogging website earn from blogging website thru ads this that blah blah blah is very useful and over time converts from people reading with hot niche topics like how to make money online niche

Hyip Forums
Making money online Forum
Medium Blogger websites
Reddit Post
Memes is great For groups “I Predicted Dogecoin and Now BTCZ” things like that

keyword targeting how to be the next millionaire BTCZ Making Bold Statement its the next big thing we need to give it a hype to flood the market its been about from 2017 the coin is not dead and i have seen u guys took measure over the years to get it on exchanges

We can Hire people on Fiverr to get certain stuff done if we don’t have a person for the job we hire someone for the job or we outsource to Facebook groups with possible coders or investors and we can recruit people by genuinely having interactions with people from other groups over time the facebook group will gain more people it also it’s charitable now we can use that to get rich people to invest because its a noble cause

the next thing I’m starting a mining company solely and I only would want to mine BITCOINZ & hold the coins for a long period to earn income to reinvest in BTCZ I would want to support of BTCZ Community to help me moving forward with this

So I would like to know every1 skills, so I know our strength and weakness moving forward

I’m Chris Nice to Meet you all