Problem statement
We have an adoption problem and we need to attract vendors to use our coin as payment and in tern customers who want to spend their btcz. The issue with this is to drive adoption we need to have a stable platform for vendors to use, something reliable that ensures both business and their customers have a good experience. We currently do have a payment gateway and plugins, but and there is a but, it isn’t polished or stable enough. Now i’m not taking anything away from the development that has gone into it, for someone who wants to tinker around with it that perfectly fine and I think it’s great, but we have been trying to get fasttech to use our coin as payment, issue was the api/gateway was still on the old chain for quite some and has probably not provided a good first experience for them.

Mission Statement or Vision
I propose that we invest in a third party to provide these services both the gateway and the plugins. Now decentralisation is our motto so I see no issue with outsourcing some of our services. I propose that we get on This will provide use with a stable platform and an existing base of businesses that already use it. I also propose on top of the listing of our coin that we approach 5 businesses and offer to pay their account fees for the first year to get them on board. the first offer i want is with another 4 being voted on once we gather some prospective interest.

Objectives to be achieved
The objective to be achieved is that we will have a managed service that is providing our payment gateway and plugins for use, provides some decentralisation of our services and frees up some of the devs time for other things. we also get some adoption in our coin by getting it out there for people to use.

Preferred approach
The approach I want to go with is to approach and offer them the paid account and being able to use the services of mycryptocheckout to get our coin accepted on their website. Then for the remaining 4 spots I encourage everyone to make similar approaches to other vendors for the payment of a years account fees to use and list us via the service. Then we will collect the information and have the community vote on who gets the goods.

Benefits statement
We get the platform for us to drive adoption of our coin, a managed service to allow business to use a stable platform and freeing up dev time and resources.

Performance and progress measures
The expectation is that we can get some business to sign up to the service and accept our coin as payment for their goods and drive adoption.

Risks and ways to address them
the risk is that we could pay for the service and not have anyone take up the adoption, the service itself could just vanish or performance and stability is not what we expect.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)
The basic timeline would be to have the vote passed first. I would then make the approach to to see if they will accept our coin for the payment of their account fee for the first year. If they do agree we can then pay for both the mycryptocheckout listing as well as their account. Then other community members are free to approach other vendors with the same offer of 1 year account fee payment, these can then be collated and have the community vote on the top 4 who will get the service.

Cost estimates and funding sources
Cost estimate is as follows. $750 for the listing at mycryptocheckout and then $75 for each of the business account fees. it total $750 + (5*$75) = $1125

Opposing arguments and responses
The opposing arguments are that we don’t use a third party and save money for other things and probably a bunch of others things people will post.

  • Yes
  • No

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Wow @MeJutty so much thanks for this proposal!
I really appriciate it!
So the problem in easy language is, FastTech is one of the big markets!
They accepts 15 type of Cryptocurrencies through coinpayment’s woocommerce plugin.
Yes we had, and now we have a working plugin again, but
We can not afford to risk that it won’t work once in the future.
At a big company like FastTech where more then ten thousands of dollars flows in and out monthly.
I would definitelly pay for an upgrade!
Ps.: we could marketing any type of tech, gadget, home stuff and whatever FastTech sells by BtcZ prices after approval! You need a lamp?! Buy it with BtcZ! A better payment solution for own or for companies too! Buy with BtcZ!


Edward from MyCryptoCheckout here!

I’d just like to say that you’ve got our pricing a little wrong.

The currency cost is correct, $750 per year, but the webshop licenses are wrong. Included in that $750 is one webshop license. Additional licenses after that are only $10 a year for unlimited transactions.

We don’t take any % transaction fees, the payments are all peer-to-peer, directly from the buyer in the wallet of your choice. After we add the currency to our system any webshop that installs our plugin will be able to accept your currency. Normal webshop licenses, when purchased separately, are $59 per year.


It’s a great proposal with very good explanation and arguments! I like it … But … I’m not sure I will vote yes because:

Yes 1: We need also some different payment gateway. The community can also present a free system ( and open source plugin) for small business and geeks (or good skilled technician), or in the other hand, a robust paying gateway that (I hope) will provide quality tools and support in simple way for everyone.

Yes 2: On the commercial way it’s great to offer the first year. It gives us time to be more robust on the open source side services without losing visibility (to long time).

No 1: Already 38 voters, but less than half visited the portal. The majority of voters also only read the proposal between the lines. About pricing, I read on the portal the prices and understand it other than in the proposal.

No 2: Thinks about the developer (webmaster) of the eCommerce: They will engage some time resources to integrate BTCz (in anyway what services, free or not), and he will probably not change payments gateway again and again (every 6 month). The portal seems not having a lot of more experience as the gateway, the gateway is dedicated to BTCz and not for a lot of other coins. So let’s more focus on support of what we have actually. We are close to have a robust gateway.

No 3: We don’t have (for now) any good opposite argument (and this argument isn’t one too) and I think that every proposal should have some opposition to be legitim.

This new gateway ( is very new, only 8 months as DNS registrar lookup, and anyway if they have a street address (see contact page), can we trust them? Will they make the needed update quickly in time if we change something in the chain (that end user not run in error)?

** Update since @MyCryptoCheckout joined the forum (Welcome to you): Can you give us example of some eCommerce that trust you please. I don’t will offence you with my poste, It’s just that actually around the world a lot of specialized enterprise shot out projects related to crypto’s and close it after 1 year… So have you a guaranty for longer time? **

I also vote NO. Not because I dislike this proposal (I like it), but we have to tread carefully with third party (also wait and get more info about before decide yes/no), and it’s the first NO that could give some more arguments.


can we trust them

We’d like to think that people can trust us. We’ve made other people around 3 million dollars in transactions in over 14.000 transactions, so we’re not completely untrustworthy. :slight_smile:

Can you give us example of some eCommerce that trust you please.

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot give out any names of shops that use us. It wouldn’t be right.

specialized enterprise shot out projects related to crypto’s and close it after 1 year… So have you a guaranty for longer time? **

I fully understand your scepticism, but I’m not sure what guarantees I could give you today that would alleviate your fears. If we wanted to scam people we could either do a fake ICO, greedily take % fees on each transaction or force our users to use wallets we control (so we can quickly just take all the coins and run away with them). Or conveniently get “hacked”…

Since we don’t do any of that - we’re completely separate from our users’ wallets - hopefully that shows that we’re in it for the long haul. We built MCC because we wanted a crypto payment gateway that would make us feel comfortable to use it. We’re just happy that other people enjoy it also.


Thanks for your input. the general idea tho was that the businesses would more than likley want their own account not linked to our account to have btcz accepted. but i do see the error in my pricing as it us only $59 for the merchant account. I dont suppose given we are a communiy coin with no ico or premine deep pockets you could offer a discount and help out with a little pr if we go through with the purchase? And again much appreciated for you to come here and discuss.


we are a communiy coin

You’re welcome to e-mail us at info @ mycryptocheckout dot com to state your case and perhaps we can come up with an agreement that benefits us both. :slight_smile:


@MyCryptoCheckout thank you for your invpice!
Im totally glad with this type of support what you show.
(Coinpayments asked money for to have a question and they have really huge prices as well as control over wallets and ICO/token).
Question is, can you serve out one of the biggest E Market (FastTech) for our cryptocurrency? They useing Coinpayments woocommerce services.


@Marcelus please dont get angree on Mejutty, we all appriciate
the works what you do.
As I understand the proposal is for to let BitcoinZ have other solutions and in the fact that FastTech is waiting for us.
So this proposal just given an example for what Mejutty find among the all what seems to be fair. So he already gone through their homepage.
Everybody cpuld have mistakes (, missread prices).
Its still a good offer, maybe could be cheaper.
Im for to get a solution wheater is its free or to be paid for.
I voted YES to paid if its needed to get further.
If you could make it better, we could seperate or collect money for you too my Bro! :wink:


Question is, can you serve out one of the biggest E Market (FastTech) for our cryptocurrency?

I don’t see why not. If they already have WooCommerce our plugin will integrate immediately. If they have some other e-commerce system them I’m sure we can quickly put together something that will communicate with our API server.


@FollowWings, no problem bro !

And @Mejutty, I’m not Angry. :smiley: I’m sometime very direct (and french is not my native language). And I aslo sure that you have visited the entire MyCryptoCheckout website. It’s about the majority of the other voters…

“A little opposition open the discussion”


I have to say that Marcelus has many good points in what he said.
Of course a dedicated btcz gateway is the best scenario.
I simply voted yes , in order to have alternative choices available. I would never wish to discourage any member from upgrading our to a super stable btcz gateway.

Ps. Marcelus I wish to thank you warmly publicly for your hard work to make working fine again ! :slight_smile: