Newsletter for everybody


Some members of the community are considering how to create a bitcoinZ newsletter, to send the latest news about the currency.

Any proposal or help is welcome. We need to create a landing page to start capturing emails


We should consider the following functionalities:

  1. Landing subscribe page(with anti spam/captcha)
  2. Unsubscribe mechanism
  3. Admin interface to manage subscriptions

I propose the following newsletter types:

  1. General newsletter: news about BTCZ progress in exchanges/tech stuff/voting needed/help needed/ and so on.
  2. Announcement newsletter: When BTCZ gets on a new exchange/wallet/ or something similar.

Newsletter should be responsive(for mostly all devices) and HTML only (no scripts). It needs to gain trust of e-mail clients.

We can use to send e-mails. It provides great statistics about each sent email.

Nice to have: a filtering tool so we can stop sending emails to users that market us as spam or have an invalid e-mail address(bounce).

Please provide any thoughts you may have about this.


Regarding e-mails, I have the forum routing e-mails through 150k free e-mails per month, up to 5k per day for free.


Good to know. Thanks!


Another functionality for late development:

Implement languages for newsletters. I propose this should work like this:

  • the user has the possibility to subscribe to general newsletter (in English) and to a specific country/language newsletter. Those two should be unrelated as they could contain BTCZ news for that specific country.
  • community finds responsible persons to write it down for each language
  • chat room #newsletter on discord/slack where people can exchange news and ideas
  • admin interface for delegated users to submit texts, links and pictures for their newsletter.

Of course there are more TBD but i’ll just leave this here so we don’t forget. We should expand the idea when we will be ready to implement it.


This could be a good idea, but we only can use this for the start.
In the future , BTCz will be bigger and will need more email…
Maybe someone in BTCz have server, and we may create API for email ?

That’s just some propositions


Of course we need to have automated processes.
At first we will have to build a responsive HTML for email content, and someone to build it up nicely each week. ( or whenever we send a newsletter), but in late versions we will try to have automated processes and accounts for “journalists” to write “articles”.


I used wordpress before with and you can automate everything, you can also create lists by language for example and translate the newsletter, it’s really good. Obviously we can create as many landing pages with wordpress as we want


Wordpress is usually a target for hackers/spammers/etc. There’s much you can do to harden it but even then, you have to make sure you keep it up-to-date, etc. or else it’s a huge target for someone trying to be malicious.


it’s just an option, we keep seeing proposals