Nominating/hiring legal representative for BtcZ initiatives


Just to avoid any problems with future or ongoing BtcZ matters.

I start to think more and more that we should find or hire some legal representative (for a period of time or based on a given particular demand maybe?) that would protect the BtcZ community from any fraudulent event. This would involve preparing (previously discussed by BtcZ community) and signing on the behalf of BtcZ official documents representing our BtcZ niche BEFORE we engage on anything serious (an exchange, or a serious collab). When things would go wrong additionally it would involve representing us in a court appropriate to a given case/country/context.

I guess it would also involve someone from BtcZ or a joint discussion to characterise in detail each legal need and expectation before we contact a respective attorney. Potentially case to case basis implementation.

(Removed the poll, initial discussion is better for now, I will raise that matter during BtcZ meetups, etc.)

Any suggestions are welcomed here.


hello is not very clear your proposal. Fraudulent? what should we be accused of fraud for? we cannot steal coins from individual wallets, and we cannot wipe the blockchain network, or shut down the miners’ computers. giving a legal representative would bring centralization. we now have elected managers who will have to answer before the law for mismanagement and fraud. so I think it’s right that whoever does harm, pays


What about C-Cex/TradeSatoshi cases then? Should we allow to be exploited by others?
All I’m saying is when the damage is done - we should have legal agreements written with other parties specifying what are the consequences for them abusing our conditions of what I would assume be free and honest trades, algo upgrades, no substantial delays, etc.?


for example now with hydra, we have vandar and others nominated for different tasks. one of these might be having written chords. When the manager changes, the newly elected manager can enter into new written agreements. Don’t you think?


I think this should be on a case by case basis.

We could group review most legal docs and if/when we have run out of internal resources then vote on if we need one?


You are completely right. Here I’m probing people’s opinions and highlighting the need for proper agreement arrangements in any future major steps in our project to avoid any potential future abuse.


The subwallet arrangements I’m not worried for, these are trusted people and small amount of coins. I’m thinking of any new exchanges/major collaborations/or using BtcZ as a coin for fishy business. Maybe I’m being oversensitive here, but I’m trying to probe what can be done to protect our coin as good as possible.


I am glad you are on top of things and thinking about it.
From what I have seen from exchanges, and I don’t use them, is they are high risk high reward. people in the space generally know they are shady and don’t usually blame the coin. Exchanges are the big guys that will need the lawyers first :wink: My buddies like the ATMs for picking up around here.