O 10 BTC, 10 BTC, Where art thou 10 BTC?


BitcoinZ And The 10 BTC

For Immediate Release

June 19th, 2018

O 10 BTC, 10 BTC, Where art thou 10 BTC?

During the mid-day hours in the United States, on or about March 1st, 2018, a 10 Bitcoin donation was received by the BitcoinZ community, from a group of silent investors. The approximate amount at the time of the donation was nearly $100,000 USD. The purpose of the donation was, and remains to be, for listing BitcoinZ on a cryptocurrency trade exchange in a different geographical market, enabling even greater global exposure.

Currently, BitcoinZ is listed on Stocks Exchange, TradeSatoshi, BTC-Alpha, BarterDEX, Graviex, Crex24, Exrates, and SAFE Exchange.

As result of BitcoinZ’s diverse, multi-talented, and global community, it enjoys parallel efforts of progression. From social media posting, real-time community troubleshooting, infrastructure support and maintenance, and core development, to name a few. Linking its Discord, Slack, and Telegram platforms and accommodating multi-language real-time chat, BitcoinZ is able to robustly tackle community efforts, disregarding timezone boundaries.

One important component that is fueled by this decentralized and dedicated community, is the seeking of exchange listings. On June 16th, BitcoinZ and its community successfully coordinated a fork to update its algorithm to Zhash, an ASIC-resistant memory-harder algorithm. BitcoinZ has kept true to its principles and great efforts are involved in caring for a project of this magnitude.

Regardless, almost daily, the questions are proposed - When next exchange? Where is the 10 BTC?

Understanding that the community works tirelessly to progress, including, being listed on exchanges - the community now asks you…

Where do YOU think the 10 Bitcoin is? Please comment with your thoughts below.


You guys actually do know where it went, Right? :cold_sweat:


well i think the main focus of exchanges should be an exchange that is easily accessed by the United States. We’re behind in adoption and people are just now coming onboard, at least those who weren’t affected by bitconnect and ill informed financial decisions. I think it is best to put us into a good exchange to bolster accessability where they have a track record of trust. and little to zero actual penetrations or OOpsies. no false volumes or fake charts. i think getting on what to mine now, would be a huge f-u to bitmain and centralized corporation supporting jack wagons. I also believe before an exchange should even consider listing btcz, someone should do some recon work and make an actual account and see if the exchange actually operates. before just jumping to . i know people are responsible for their own coin, and their own transactions, but a project that actually tests and looks out for their community is +1 for me. these small shit exchanges are nonsense… we need one ginormous home run for an exchange and we’ll take off. we have 2.1 billion mined already with no distribution except those invested or hold mining. everyone else is just using it to pay their light bill. notice how everyone wants to chime in when their miner stops working or they need tech support. that’s something to consider. marketing the use case. spreading the word, someone mentioned in chat the other day paypal has this many transactions per day. what does btcz have… that’s a use case. let’s think smart not hard. anyway.


Of course we do. :slight_smile: Don’t sweat it.


I think our biggest competition right now is DigiByte and that’s only because of a lack of exposure for BTCz. We have the same max supply but superior tech and truly community-owned, so not affected as much by the greed of any individuals like a lot of shitty ICOs.

Is there any plans on allowing people to creates Dapps on the btcz blockchain?

Anyway I’m trying to at least do a little by raising awareness on Twitter, however meager my following is so far.


Ummm, on the blockchain?

Seriously, this topic is both interesting and confusing to me.

CryptoRex posted the initial message which included the question above.

Then 3 messages later states there is no mystery, all is known.

I don’t understand. Has the donation already been spent on something? If not, is the community as a whole going to decide how to spend it? If not, who is making the decision?

I have no heartburn or axe to grind about this - I just literally do not understand what is going on or how people are expressing themselves about it.


@sj1 the point was to bring those that have been very vocal about it to this open forum to discuss - but I haven’t seen any interest.

The other point is we would like to hear where people think it is based on all the work the community team does. The project is very active and of course it will be used for its intended purpose, or those of the donator. :slight_smile:


I have had serious heartburn the last couple days, so consider yourself lucky.

it’s probably the IPA’s I’ve been drinking.


we all know they are in safe hands and nobody worries :slight_smile:
Just waiting for best oportunity!



Not sure if this is on or off-topic, but in the latest Stealth Project Announcement interview,

it is stated: “We have investors that believe in our coin.”

Since there was no pre-mine, etc. what exactly does that mean?

Where do the investors “place” their capital, and how to they achieve a ROI from it?