Official BTCZ E-meeting schedule for 2020-2021

Hey all,

After speaking to some of the most involved BTCZ members, we have agreed that the most optimal solution would be to have four quarterly official BTCZ meetings per year. Since most people work Monday-Friday, Saturdays sound like the natural choice for day of the week for these meetings. The exact time and meeting setup will be announced below this post, on discord, facebook, floyx, and twitter social media platforms.

Here is the list of the upcoming meetings and main BTCZ events accompanying these dates:

  • 12th September 2020 (3rd BTCZ birthday)
  • 12th December 2020 (Summary of a calendar year; Manager elections for Jan-Jun 2021)
  • 13th March 2021 (First 2021 quarter summary)
  • 12th June 2021 (Half a year summary; Manager elections for Jul-Dec 2021)
  • 11th September 2021 (4th BTCZ birthday and 1st halving)

These are the 3 month time intervals that we have set for now.

Stay tuned!


Excellent schedule. Fixed dates and wisely chosen periods for each Z-Brain online meeting :wink:


Awesome @Monobody! Thanks for putting this together.


Just a reminder - our next meeting is due in 3 weeks. More details regarding actual time/platform will come. Stay tuned!



Can you post here what time Will be a meeting tomorrow… and if you can past here the link zoom too.

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Next winter BtcZ meeting => 12th December 2020

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I may only be partially available for the March 13th, 2021 meeting. One of my kids birthdays :slight_smile: I did add them all to my Google calendar though just now.

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