One year btcz anniversary


ONE YEAR #BITCOINZ #anniversary
One #amazing year!
No #crypto has ever made so MUCH in just 12 months with NO ICOS and NO PREMINE Funds!

With just #pure, hard #community work!

BitcoinZ with 100% fair start for everyone made it to have its own exclusive wallets in every platform (android, windows and linux), plus to enter in extra two multiwallets (Coinomi and Zeltrez).
Btcz was listed in 9 different exchanges , it made a beginning being accepted in some bussinesses, it.jas been the bright star in equipool , a very sophisticated mining application and it built a partnership with safecoin , ensuring its presence in their exchange and a future protagonistic role in KioskZ , a unique cryptocurrency device.
BTCZ also acquired its own forum , its exclusive payment gateways for the most trading platforms like Cubecart, Magento and WooCommerce , its original way for offering easily sharable addresses /QR codes with and it gave its own battle in the very first line against the ASIC miners , respecting its mining Community !
BitcoinZ acquired its txtZ system, its own successful promo clips (hitting half million views) , its own easy to use mining Operating system with ZhashOS , even its own soundtrack with its first Artist partnership !

We are really proud for all this !

The new BTCZ ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY GRAPH could not uploaded here , so I leave a twitter link


Happy Birthday Bitcoin 2.0


I feel BitcoinZ is truly the new ‘Bitcoin’ as we said it many times, but true it is the best among of all Cryptocurrencies!
Happy Birthday BitcoinZ and all Dear members!