Organization for social media publications


This is something that I have been thinking for some time, there was some similar attempt but it seems that it has not got anywhere and the only thing that is approaching is the channel # btcz-smedia.

The idea is very similar, what I’m looking for is that we have a thread in which we put all these images, videos, gifs, etc., that we publish on social networks with a text with #hashtags and @mentions and well written, perfectly prepared to copy, paste and publish in any medium.

This would solve the problem of grammatical errors, for which we use translators and at the same time get a decentralized marketing but organized, in addition to giving much more visibility and promote something much more visible at the same time.

I think it would also be interesting to create a list of social media and the people who manage them to talk to them if necessary at some time.

Instagram @bitcoinzcommunity @KOMETE4


For example:

Common question: When will the World realize, not the #bread getting more expensive?! The FIAT loosing its #value ! It means we are in our government’s hands. Beside #cryptocurrency like #Gold getting worth more and more! Dont compare to 1 usd. Its not the same as in the past!


Thank you! Could you tell me what is the problem with my shootout?
Corporation is centralization. Im okey to work together and we still work together without any boss.
I stopped making promotions and Im still getting attacks.
It would be so nice Komete if you participate in Marketing!
Only VandarGR, Mamacrypto, LesiBTC, and me tweeting out things about BitcoinZ.
The original bitcoin didnt and still doesnt have any marketing team.
Edit: Its a two month old drawings and I shared first at chat, to ask the community’s opinion about it. It passed and I tweeted out.
These old Paper$ -> $ is an S.


There’s nothing wrong with your publication, I think you misinterpreted the idea. What I propose is that when we have an idea for a publication or a promotion in an exchange, a new video, a new function or anything important, we publish it in this thread with its corresponding text and multimedia, links, etc and we can forward it to all the social networks and media that we use to spread btcz in a faster and simpler way. I feel if you do not understand well you already know that my English is very bad :sweat_smile:


Excuse me, in this case your idea is awesome! :wink:


I’d be happy to continue posting news for btcz on Twitter, and if anyone needs English editing for their posts, message me on here and I’ll make your comments sound like an American :sunglasses:


You doing such a great job! Please continue!


You too my dude, thanks for the compliment


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