Pools that support Zhash


Let’s keep a list of pools that are Zhash friendly. Please post below any pools that you know are working with Zhash.

Please compare these pools with the pools that love the BitcoinZ Community and choose them over the pools that don’t, thanks!

Disclaimer: These pools are listed for convenience and is not an endorsement by the BitcoinZ community. You are responsible for handling any issues or staying tuned with updates regarding pools, forks, or changes.


Please add https://axepool.com


Your pool has been added!





Thanks, @FollowWings!!


Add me : btcz.abakusmine.eu port 3036





Please add http://btcz.pool.pink


The pools list has been updated!

I’m unable to access your pool. Is it still online?


Please add https:/zsolo.bid (SOLO)


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Mitch aka Sexy pool owner:
I’m preparing the btcz pool, we send the 1% of fee to your address t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ


Please add https://acpool.me
and my pool donates to the community.


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Please add btcz.suprnova.cc to the list, thanks !


I’m actually going to go ahead and close this topic as it’s no longer needed. All pools who haven’t updated to zhash have shut down by now.