Private keys of Android Wallet Public Addresses


I have some issues recovering my Android wallet using my Recovery Phrase, and it would be much easier to get the private keys of each public address with fund.

I´ve tried
Using my recovery phrase I could recover my BIP32 Extended Key, my Derived Public Key. But could not find my public address with funds.

How can I dump the private keys of my android wallet public addresses with fund?


Go to
Enter BIP39 recovery phrase
Select BitcoinZ
Under Derivation path, select BIP32
Enter m/44’/0’/0’/0/ exactly into BIP derivation path
The derived addresses and private keys should match the addresses and private keys used in your android wallet. Since the wallet tends not to recycle addresses, the more you use the wallet, the further down the list your most recent addresses will be.


I did all these steps, and I even asked it to show up to 1000 different address. However, I could not find the addresses my andoid wallet use.

Up to now, my android wallet has no more than 5 different used public addresses, and none of those was found neither at nor at

I think Android Wallet must use a radom X at m/44’/0’/0’/X/, instead of starting X = 0, and 1, 2, 3, …


At this very moment the Andoid Server is down.

If I could have my private keys, I would spent my funds with my PC wallet!!!


I just tried it again, with a different wallet, and it still works for me. The address was in the top 4.


Thx, now I could find 2 of my used addresses among the top 4. Other 4 unused addresses were among the top 10. However, 3 used addresses where not among the top 1020.

I also tested the private keys, imported them to my PC wallet, and now I have access to the funds in my PC wallet also.

Thx for the help!



1.) Enter your BIP39 recovery phrase (12 word seed)
2.) Enter ‘12’ for Number of Words
3.) BIP39 passphrase optional if you used when when you created your wallet, you’ll need to enter it here
4.) Choose ‘BitcoinZ’
5.) On BIP44 derivation path TAB make sure the following are set:

Purpose: 44
Coin: 0
Account: 0
External / Internal 0

On the recovery site - your settings should be like the screen shot below. Note the ‘Coin’ box should be changed to 0 from 177, which is auto-populated when you choose ‘BitcoinZ’ from the drop-down menu.

Also, very important, if you used a password when you created your wallet - you’ll need to enter it in the ‘BIP39 Passphrase (optional)’ box - otherwise it will not generate the correct addresses for you.

NOTE: You might need to send to an address that you’re able to get the xpub path for cause in the wallet it won’t display some paths that have balances and are not next in line.

Lastly, if you need to know what path has your funds, in your Android wallet goto:

  1. Settings
  2. Choose your wallet
  3. More options
  4. Wallet addresses
  5. look for xpub/0/0 or xpub/0/2

These paths (xpub) correspond to the m/44’/0’/0’/0/0 list on the Coinomi site. So xpub/0/2 will be listed as m/44’/0’/0’/0/2 on Coinomi.