Promotion proposal " btcz from people to people"

as most of you have noticed, our community is not very noticeable which results in limited development.
My suggestion is to use the vaultZ tool to finance a promotion that will reward Youtubers / subscribers for creating new Btcz content.

I propose to pay 500,000 BTCZ for every YouTuber who does reliable material about BTCZ and has over 1000 subscribers.
We prefer to give this amount to his subscribers in the form of a reward (division and voluntary form).
The address of the portfolio to which we transfer Btcz must be included in the description of the film.
Each youtuber can take advantage of the promotion only once.
To request a payment, he must join the discord to a properly prepared channel.
It should be taken into account in the promotion that in the event of significant changes in the rate, the amount of 500,000 btcz may change.
limited-time promotion (until the end of 2021) and the maximum prize pool is 21,000,000.

You could create points that should be included in the movie “eg vaultZ BitPayLink lottery, our sites and forums and others”

My question is whether we are able to popularize the promotion enough to actually work and is the proposed direction appropriate?
Could the promotion somehow harm the community and BTCZ?
I would like to point out that at present it is only a proposal and the implementation requires the contribution of many people.