Proposal: All price speculations for BTCZ should be limited to only areas designated for price discussion


Yes, I am open to any rewording. How would you like it reworded? Can you markup the original post?


This is ridiculous.
I speculate the price of BTCZ will fluctuate continually from this point onwards.


I absolutely agree with the sentiment but not so much the censorship.

I think this is more about education. As a community we need to educate our members and tell them why statements like those listed (and any other ‘destructive’ behaviour) are bad for btcz especially when they are on public social media channels.

I don’t think we should be banning anyone but we can politely ask them to stop and then educate as above but if they choose not to, there should be no repercussions.

Maybe we can have some “official guidelines” posted on the site/forum and direct exchanges and new investors to those guidelines.
If someone chooses not to listen then so be it, they are free to do what they like but if we have our official guidelines posted and made public then exchanges/new investors will see that this person is acting against those guidelines and will not hold it against the rest of the community.

Just to give an example of what I mean above.
So I work in a bank. Now after all the recent fiascos regarding market manipulation etc etc, the regulators are clamping down. Now the bank can’t stop any employee from doing these illicit activities and now when it does happen and the regulators step in, the bank needs to prove that it had the processes in place and had educated its staff against this activity in order to avoid a fine. So the bank has taken reasonable steps, educated staff and put in relevant processes so can’t be held accountable for the actions of a sole individual who ignored all that.
Apply same principle to this scenario.

To break it down.

  1. have some official guidelines to educate the community.
  2. point exchanges to the official guidelines to show we are serious and are taking reasonable steps to stop this destructive behaviour
  3. people can do what they like but exchanges won’t hold it against the community for a lone individuals actions due to the above.

I have voted yes but as mentioned earlier don’t believe that anyone should be banned or anything and think the above is the best way to go with this.

@renuzit would be great to hear your thoughts on the above.


@Akta86 What do you do when education doesn’t work? We’ve repeatedly tried to educate and warn the most flagrant offenders, but they do not listen. Banning them from the community is the only option.


Then you discredit them. So anything they say is put down to the ramblings of a madman. Works for government. Haha.

On a serious note, we could just scan twitter etc and identify and report posts which do not fall within guidelines as spam. Enough of us do it eventually it will stop.

Also if we do go down the banning route, how do you ban someone on twitter? Also there is no stopping someone registering with a different email id and continuing.


I support the idea that BTCZ price speculation should not be allowed “all over the place”, It’s trashy and counterproductive for the community. For this reason I voted ''Yes".

However, there could be a Forum topic and or a Discord channel specifically for ‘Speculation About BTCZ Price’. Cooperative posters would use it voluntarily. Non-cooperative posters could find their posts moved from elsewhere into that topic by an adrmin (or perhaps even a robot) w/o further ado.


That’s actually a great idea. I’ll modify the proposal to say, “exept in areas where it has been designated”. Hopefully no one will mind this change???


Thank you @renuzit. This was never about banning someone because we didn’t like their message. It was about spamming, pure and simple. I would not mind it if someone came in once a day and made a crazy prediction, but to take it to a level where the person is spamming with multiple posts each day, then it is just noise and not good for anyone. It belongs in a separate channel… and now its got one.


All will be good! You can to do investment))