Proposal: All price speculations for BTCZ should be limited to only areas designated for price discussion


Problem statement
While it’s fun to speculate on what the price of BTCZ could be, specifically spreading price predictions regarding BTCZ should not be tolerated by the community except in areas where it has been designated okay to have price discussions. The reason for this proposal is that many exchanges have a zero tolerance policy related to price speculation and having community member constantly talking and pushing future price could be preventing major exchanges from opening communications with BTCZ.

Mission Statement or Vision
The purpose of this proposal is to establish a community wide agreement between all members, in the prospectus of listing with a large and established exchange; all predictions related to future BTCZ pricing are unwelcome in the community, community forum and all community environments expect in areas that have been designated specifically for the purposes of price discussion. Any member who persists will receive a warning". if said member persists with abuse, he or she should be banned from any community resources such as chat, forums, and social media.

Objectives to be achieved
The objective would be to stop price speculation to spread on chat rooms, forums, and social media. There needs to be a way to create a welcoming place for individuals to discuss BTCZ and the project. As a community is it our duty to avoid things that exchanges and people see as Red Flags.

Preferred approach
Community members found continuously posting price speculations of BTCZ to community resources where not designated will be given a warning and a link to this proposal so that they know that community does not appreciate these types of actions. If their actions continue, then the admins should ban the community member from all community chat rooms, forums, and social media.

Benefits statement
Long term, we hope that this will attract more members to the community the their experience will be positive. This would also allow btcz to grow increase trust. And help towards our ultimate goal which is stated on the whitepaper “BitcoinZ for all mankind”.

Risks and ways to address them
There is no denying that this is a form of censorship, however, anyone who is claiming that we are censoring should be shown this proposal and explained the specific reasons why we censor. If it is found that we are abusing this privilege beyond the spirit of this agreement, then it is the community’s duty to propose a better system.

Cost estimates and funding sources
No financial cost to the community but the time of the community admins.

Specific Examples

  • Suggestions that price of BTCZ will equal $1 in the future
  • Suggestions that BTCZ price will equal $50
  • Suggestions that BTCZ price will equal the price of Bitcoin
  • Suggestions that BTCZ price will fall tremendously in value
  • Yes
  • No

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I am totally for this proposal as i wish for btcz to preserve it’s identity as a “Real Project”

This proposal shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Is this a proposal to ban Gerro. It’s seen more like a personal attack in a proposal and undermines the purpose of proposals by community members especially someone such as Renuzit.

Ultimately will we soon move to banning other forms of freedoms all going against the community paper.

I recalled that Renuzit did once mention changing the community paper or updating it. This is the very reason I was against it.

Personal frustrations and attacking not any person should be kep outside of the community.

Also this is why I made a clear call to avoid cronyism in the community. As friends of devs should also point out when a dev is going to far.

@Gerro - you should consider not making such posts anymore, yet I doubt you will listen and it is your free will and choice of freedom to make such posts.

I do hope the other members such as Cryptorex do consider that this is not an ideal proposal.

Look at all the negative perspectives of BCH and other coins? Craig even said he would prevent tech front entering a country and the price if BCH is still unhindered

We all need to remember the community should not be dependent on any single developer and everyone, developer or not should not infringe on another person regardless of prejudices or frustrations. No personal attacks please.

All of us should know better.


I voted yes but I don’t support banning. However if that’s where the community goes fine just know it’s hard to ban a person in a Decentralized community.

I voted yes because less price talk is a good thing.


I understand Renuzit perspective but Gherro didn’t call anyone for pump…
He is a funny guy but Treating him as kid is rude because he is a father. Maybe exchanges will go mad about price predictions, but who say it will be 50$, will Hodl till that price and its much appriciated, more then ‘when lambomoonexchange’ guys!
So its 1 - 1 to me, I stay out!
Be more respectfull about others! This project was started from nothing, and some guys thinks knows better anything about cryptos then others (not our core members and devs). We have to find out BTC’s way together!


I don’t think this is about Gerro it’s about all of the community now. I hope it is. And I hope the intention behind it, is towards the benefit and growth of the community.


I voted no because as JHanny stated, BitcoinZ is about decentralization. Nobody should have the power to silence others – unless they’re directly causing harm. Price speculation may not be legal in the US, but I don’t think it’s illegal everywhere. For that reason, I don’t think we should implement this as a community rule.

To be clear, I really don’t care for price speculation either but I think as a community, we shouldn’t start silencing people because what they say may be wrong. We can say we have no interest in it and we can ask people to stop. If you stop feeding the trolls, they’ll go elsewhere.

As long as we’re not speculating on the official website or social media accounts, no exchange in their right mind would judge a coin on what random people say.


Price speculation is unproductive and even potentially harmful, in my eyes. At best it adds noise to conversations and at worst it encourages pump and dump mentality.

However, I do agree that infringing on the liberty to discuss it goes against the spirit of BitcoinZ. Unless individuals appear to be actively encouraging price manipulation (which I think is where the line should be drawn), they should be free to speculate on price as much as they like — but maybe on a dedicated channel. That way, other conversations don’t get polluted and community members wishing to engage in price discussions don’t have to be censored.

EDIT: I did vote yes because I think it should be reigned in, but the above is how I think it should be approached.


BTCZ down to 1 satoshi I am going to dump my holding, later I will buy back to sell $20 for each. But I will dump and keep on dumping. You wanna silence me? [email protected] yourself @sshole


You should not try to silence someone just because he can afford to buy at a lower price than you. If the community will try to impose this sort of thing, this community will go the way of Doge coin it never grow more than 100 satoshis


As long as you don’t advertise an open dump and pump group that will be fine. Heck you could promote a pump and dump as long as you do it private. You can say whatever you want, do whatever you want with your own money.


If you buy btcz and it dumps but you know in years your investment will be 1000x why would you worry about today prices or the action of other in open markets. When you sign up to crypto you know that pump and dump group will be there. You want to silence people, have a safe place where no one expeculates about price, go somewhere else where your fefes won’t be hurt


You want to silence people because you bought at 115 satoshis and now the price is 25. Grow up and buy now. Heck let it drop just now to 1 satoshi so that I can have more. If you bought at $.09 your are welcome, we’re two there, but I also bought at $.0025 but I am not complaining and tried to silence people just because my portafolio is losing 39%


I’m not talking about silencing anyone complaining about current prices, I’m trying to stop the scammy price predictions and speculation that cause distrust and exchanges to pass over us. Like it or not the promising or even suggestion of future prices is a practice that is a red flag causing individuals and exchanges to overlook btcz.


This is a complete non-issue. Ppl that are shouting ‘WHEN LAMBO’, or ‘BTCZ should be 100$’ are FREE to do so imho… As long as ‘WHEN LAMBO’ is not the official slogan of btcz, i’m fine with it.

Freedom of speech was the first thing the US amended to the constitution, so I presume it’s important… but apparently not for the BTCZ community (or is it Commune?)


We discussed this topic with Renuzit, and its much more complex then what is mentioned in the proposal. Its against descructive behaviours at all (which part is price prediction spams).
Now Im able to vote yes against the Destructivity.


Hmm every once in a while came to my mind how RPGs work greatly in Decentralization! Yes they are, think they have mostly two group light power (BitcoinZ) vs Dark power. Powers works together on their own goal to get over on the other, but each of every member separatedly by His, Her own Freedom.
So what was a great solution I saw at an RPG game related to this problem is its punishment system.
If someone lightly broke the rule, he/ she got kicked (0sec).
If broke the rule hard got an admin jail (30min-3hours).
Admin jail is a separated room for hard law breakers.
Have to push buttons at keyboard there continuously, because the time is only decreasing by seconds if buttons were continuously pressed, but in random certain times the actual clock freeze and you get a task to repeat / rewrite random paragraph sentece(s) (for example: You keep every member in respect.)
If you missed a character your jail time increased by some more seconds. If you wrote well, your time decreased by 5 sec. After that time again moved on and you had to press buttons again.
So its a good way to leave freedom by letting him- her fix his/ her situation and to lear rules (whitepaper in our case) better.
Hacks or scam or any more harmful act could gain permanent ban.
Perm bans could be unveiled by a sorrowing wroten letter + 3hours jail penalty.
This punishment system was meant for every law breaker, admins aswell. So its an equality treat.


How can you question whether BTCZ is a community? You’re reading a proposal by a community member that’s being voted on and discussed. What would make it more of a community?

Not a bad idea… We can create a new channel, “unsanctioned chatter” :slight_smile:

I know for a fact @renuzit as well as plenty of others have been here from when the price was 0 – through highs and lows. The price of BTCZ doesn’t phase us, we only care about the community and the image of BTCZ. Please try to be more composed in your responses. There’s no reason for you to attack anyone. Everyone has equal rights to create a proposal.

With that being said, @renuzit would you be willing to change the wording so it’s more clear what exactly we want to make ban worthy – that doesn’t infringe on basic rights? I wholeheartedly agree that scamming is ban-worthy but I’m not OK with banning people just for talking about future potential, or hopes and dreams.


When I say that btcz could reach $20 for coin, I am expeculating in the price. In the pass btc when each Bitcoin was $200 people were saying hold, hold Bitcoin will hit $10,000. That was a expeculating, not a scam or scammers trying to get your money. It actually happened.