Proposal for a set of marketing rules


I propose everyone does whatever he wants :slight_smile:

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I think it would be great if we could rate the images submitted to the forum like we do for proposals. For #4, would it make sense to say:

“Create a place on the forums to upload proposed marketing messages for the community to review. This allows for any problems to be rectified such as copy write or spelling errors. The community will also be given the opportunity to rate the images from Strongly Dislike (1) to Strong Like (5) as a feedback loop for quality”


A bit of consistency can work wonders. It’s a yes from me.
Question about number 4, does this apply to images only or any kind of message e.g. I am currently writing a poem about btcz would this go on forum first.


Anything released further to the public should be shown because people can help with typos / spelling errors / logic problems (we all have them)