Proposal for Binance Exchange

Donation Tracker:

Email address

[email protected]

Problem statement

In need of trusted and high volume exchanges to add to our list.

Mission Statement or Vision

Adding higher volume exchanges creates liquidity, demand, and project exposure in the market. Max and circulating supply needs to be spread as wide as possible to foster mass adoption.

Objectives to be achieved

  1. Mass adoption
  2. Market exposure
  3. Demand
  4. Availability

Preferred approach

Raising awareness through social media of listing; instructional videos showing examples of how to use an exchange; create trust relationship with exchange; advocate for community on exchange, etc.

It is necessary to begin accumulating BNB token - required to buy votes for Binance listing. The sooner we begin, the better for our future listing.

Benefits statement

Benefits of achieving objective result in exponential growth and overall mission of the BitcoinZ Community - For The People, By The People; A Coin For All; Financial Freedom; Liberty; Globalization of BitcoinZ

Performance and progress measures

  • Volume
  • Price fluctuations
  • Buy support
  • Sell volume

Cost estimates and funding sources

Donation Tracker:

  • Funding from investors
  • Funding from community

Approximate cost: 10-25 BTC

  • Yes
  • No

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Please road this up, i sent 536 btcz to fund wallet : t1L2h7WyVsxEvbw1acefwXWBQWYReQnN7MF

tx: 6be856b8e321d6a99c93d98655639570113681febd0f9f51b5696d86a309bc20

we need to appear on binance as soon as possible


How much BTC is required for Binance Listings bearing in mind the recent BTC Investment which was provided.


Where can I send BnB?

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15 BTC for binance:joy::joy::joy:


Now we don’t have bnb wallet, please exchange yours to another coin then send to the donate wallet !

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As Binance sound great, in this stage of the coin time is wasted pursuing this. I’m not against it but go step by step people don’t ask for something that is not achievable now.


Binance will be a brilliant coupé.

Lets get listed


Listing on Binance should be our number one priority IMO.


Yep, just made 1000btcz donation. Little steps and we will get there.


This would be amazing.

Has anyone submitted a form yet?

You don’t need to pay he says. They just may let btcz in.

There is no reason btcz can’t get into binance.


closing topic - campaign ended - funds moved to multi-sig address from tracker.

doesn’t mean we are not still trying to list here.

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