Proposal for BitcoinZ community members to actively get bitcoinZ listed with brokerage firms vs only approaching crypto-exchanges


As per my slack + discord outline I would like to propose getting bitcoinZ listed with brokerage firms or creating our own. I prefer many Brokerage firms and our community having its own, due to decentralized access points and not a single point of failure and also for a competitive market.

The outline:

Spend money to get listed on an exchange.

i.) increases pumps and dump (happens often), if successful listed on an exchange
ii.) issues with getting onto exchanges, or other issues which negatively impact BitcoinZ
iii.) higher exposure to multiple issues like hacking etc.
iv.) depleting community funds which limits drive across other areas.
the list can go on and looks pretty bad, not going to mention it in here.

Create/generating revenue for the community via brokerages or list with brokerages that already exists:

i.) ease point of access for non-crypto folks
ii.) faster adoption due to price point
iii.) return and increase of community funds (if own brokerage is leverage)
iv.) quicker to implement vs getting another exchange.
v.) Less expensive than many crypto-exchanges

Price is always determined by what a person sells a product or item at/for and how much another person is willing to pay.

People would have access to a crypto that has a lower value and following on the past behavior and current behavior of cryptos and all markets:

1.) getting in when stocks/shares/crypto-currencies are low and hodling, is the ideal investment strategy, not waiting till its $100. More millennials etc are aware of this now.

2.) Lower prices of BitcoinZ means the ability for an average person spending $200 or more to get 100’s of thousands means that more people can catch the crypto (tokenization virus) and buy BTCZ as it will produce higher returns as development introduces new technology but most importantly as the coin goes up in value.

This mean investor(s) will increase their returns significantly.

3.) Based on the above, the most important aspect is that everyday people who use credit cards and use plus500, as an example, would be able to instantly make purchases against bitcoinZ. It would also mean they could short it. Cause multiple market effects, and shorting a crypto-can be costly, but a huge factor, pushing prices higher over time.

So we are looking at market access, and more by having adoption within crypto exchanges and going mainstream.

I am not aware of costs, from the point of creating our own brokerage as this may require developers time and infrastructure costs (maybe attached to our new website).

The community can create its own Brokerage fund and this provides a return to users/miners who donate based on a % of the price.

The community can vote and agree on this % of the price point of 1 BtCZ which would equate to the more you donate the higher your return based on the agree % of return is.

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Legitimate brokerage firms as well as the securities they trade are highly regulated. For obvious reasons, getting BTCZ listed at a legitimate brokerage will not happen in the near future.

Creating our own legitimate brokerage firm will require hundreds of millions of USD and may not even be possible given the regulatory landscape, unless someone donates this money, it will also not happen.

And for even more obvious reason, trading BTCZ on an illegitimate brokerage should not be attempted.

The thesis here implies a goal of price appreciation and investment, this is not the goal of BTCZ. In any case, this effort would be a total waste of time, resources, and even have reputational risk.


I would like you to explain how this is going to be achieved, which is what we have to do, since it is something basic to present a proposal


Hi Woz2000,

My intentions are getting BitcoinZ, aligned with Brokerages such as:

All of these are not Millions of pounds services. In fact, I am seeking out development team to build the infrastructure that will allow any brokerage, firm to access and create multiple wallets, for multiple clients of theirs, while also benefiting the community, and the miners and traders who provide the coins for trading also get a their value.

If we had the necessary large exchange or two, I wouldn’t bother with this proposal, but to effectively, provide a return for those who are looking to dump millions and thousands of btcz, I think we can provide a service that allows us to leverage and even define a price point for the service of 1 btcz.

This is forward thinking and not going of the same old, approach of wait and see.

If you believe we are unable to create a platform, out of necessity, that is proposed, please propose an alternative.


I hope this addresses your questions as with the Proposal itself. If not please be specific of what you require an explanation of/for?

The point is simple:

First the infrastructure - site /platform where:

Ability to buy BTCZ at a fixed price pointper ‘X’ number of BTCZ.

Example: 1 BTCZ = $0.05 cents. A package purchased of £100 for 2000 BTCZ.

Ability to Sell BTCZ at a chosen price point aligned to packages of $100, $200 etc

Additionally, the community can communicate with brokerages outlined above to also include their services to extend the offering to them as buyers. Directly from our Community BTCZ selling platform.

if servers need to be hosted in Crypto-friendly state then we include this into the scope, where selling and buying BTCZ can be done effectively.

Requirements for this can be scoped out, with developers, it would cover a few things.


I like the idea @Jhanny , I just wanted to know how you had thought to do this, I see it very complicated, I would like to know the opinions of the developers. If I can help in something, count on me for this!


So lets try to clarify, the examples you have don’t appear to be all the same. Looking at the description of the first two, I would say they are in the business of currency exchange, Coinbase is a type of currency exchange involving cryptos (and they are well regulated and why they don’t have a lot of competitors right now). A few of the others I can’t tell from the description, but trading FX for example is considered derivatives trading with very high leverage, so it is also heavily regulated.

Circling back to my first post. The underlying reason why I am very doubtful is that anything that involves trading with a ‘real’ asset such as a fiat currency is highly regulated. Given today’s regulatory environment with big emphasis toward AML, CFT, there are huge headwinds for anyone involved in fiat money.

So when I saw your proposal and thought you are talking about trading BTCZ at a mainstream FX brokerage or trading firm, it really is not possible. There will be a time, but I don’t see that happening for quite a few years and will require a sea change in government’s attitudes toward cryptos. That is why all the exchanges that we are trying to get on right now do not have a fiat option, it costs too much money to navigate all the regulations.


So by your example to @KOMETE4, you are proposing a currency exchange. A currency exchange such as Coinbase has very few competitors, mainly because of the cost. Coinbase also cannot operate in many locations or have restrictions (for example, you cannot sell crypto for fiat in Canada on Coinbase). There is a reason for this, it is because they have not obtained licenses.

So even if you were to set up a shop in a country that is friendly to crypto (there are actually quite a few) and if you operate solely through ‘internet’, peer to peer, etc, there is risk that some countries will go after you by way of the court system. Google Coinbase and IRS for an example of government reach in the courts or Panama papers as examples of the sophistication and costs needed to set up something offshore. Basically what I am saying is, you don’t set up a fiat money exchange or business on a shoestring.

Edit: want to make one thing clear, I like the idea… I just don’t think the time is right as well as not having the resources


hey Woz2000, I understand where you’re coming from.

I do think there are possible avenues to ensure we don’t have to spend huge amounts of money and simultaneously avoid the pitfalls faced by coinbase and the badly architected governments and the design of socio-economic activities their ensure exists; seeking to ensure citizens remain subordinate and not thrive or merely obtain and enjoy freedom, in any content of the word.

I appreciated your questions and hopefully can use them to shape where and how we perform and produce this service and function of our community, and while licences are in question, like bit-licence from NY; it is NOT, necessary. Especially given the global laws that facilitate, the level of operation and the definition of our operation. Remember, the perspective of the law, is skewed to one perspective, making it bias, with the limitation of acceptance of others ie the LGBTQ community, and this remains until challenged with valid and proven transformative precedence, that accepts the rights of human beings.

A quick outline of where our service falls: A functional mechanism, for the development, sustainability, implementation, growth and contribution to the Social, economic and cultural rights of BitcoinZ Community members.

International huma Rights Law where each state must refrain from interfering or curtailing the enjoyments of BitcoinZ human rights.

The obligation to respect means that States must refrain from interfering with or curtailing the enjoyment of human rights. The obligation to protect requires States to protect individuals and groups against human rights abuses. The obligation to fulfil means that States must take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights.

I am not suggesting that coinbase and its teams aren’t smarter than I am; I think these are businesses for profits. Who are opted into a different dynamic of the law.

The people, persons, members of BitcoinZ identify themselves as part of a community, which has hierarchy and belongs to no-one, which the law has not been faced with.

While we can ensure we have a business model that can compliment our digital model, we are not there yet and as good citizens of both a digital and real world community, we are early participants in a duality that the law is not able to define for us, however, we are able to define similarly to the LGBTQ community defining their lives and right of expression.

Atmost, the law can request that we provide a transparent view of our financials as a community and our contribution to the our digital Global Domestic product. Which is a catch 22, not for us, but most things in this real are.

I am leaning towards creating something that is driven and done by a decentralised community, where the functions, mechanism are defined by inputs and outputs similar to an agriculture index or the GDP of an entire country.

Ofcourse, this is only in context of the law, and, what we as a community are doing to enable the Social rights, economic and cultural developments of BitcoinZ community, towards sustainability.

I think it won’t be easy as nothing in life is. It will be challenges, however, the community is filled with intelligent people, and with an open policy, so hopefully we attract the best people in the world overtime, who would like the options this community provides.


sorry for the long post Woz2000. Hopefully, you are and everyone in the community, will be able to along with the developers, to scope this engagement, especially those with insight in areas, of Law, Finance, Economics, social transformation, technology, service development, blockchain development, marketing, promotion, PR, design, and more.


@Jhanny I think in order for people to be interested in moving forward with this, we need to have some idea as to what its going to cost. This information needs to be posted before asking folks to agree to it. Do you have any figures yes as to the cost if we were to work with one of these companies you referenced?


For setup of our own service, there isn’t a cost, rather a need for infrastructure, and use of some particulars we already have from the community.

I will add these particulars and infrastructure costs.

The companies in questions, some I have spoke with, and others I haven’t had a reply as yet.

Those I have spoken with, haven’t required any funds from us, just the questions around, volume etc. The key is being able to have the volume; its the main ask from these companies.

I’d prefer that we developed our own service initially and then streamline to the companies, as a way of load balancing volume and managing liquid activity.