Proposal for Shopify Integration

Developer Bounty: Currently 186,600 BTCZ

Problem statement
There really aren’t many options for merchants to accept BTCZ on their website.

Mission Statement or Vision
Shopify is popular e-commerce software. This proposal is to bring support to the Shopify application by creating a Shopify Plugin that merchants can use to accept BTCZ as payment on their website.

Objectives to be achieved
Work is completed when a merchant can install a plugin for their shopping cart plugin and start accepting payment.

Must Haves:

  • Customer should be presented with BTCZ as a payment option during checkout
  • Scanable QR Code of the payment address for easy checkout
  • Customer’s order should finalize once payment of BTCZ has been received
  • Easy way for merchants to validate and view payment on the backend
  • BTCZ payment and transaction id must show up in receipt/invoice
  • Support for USD, EUR, and GBP conversions
  • Source code must be delivered with MIT or BSD license on github

Preferred approach
The Shopify integration should use either the BitcoinZ Restful API or the API backends. Assistance with implementation can be found on the BitcoinZ slack or BitcoinZ discord chatrooms in the #developers channel.

Benefits statement
Giving customers options to pay for checkout with BTCZ brings value to BitcoinZ and the community!

Cost estimates and funding sources
This proposal will not require money from the community funds. The community will self-fund this activity in the form of a bounty. Any community member wishing to donate to the cause can send a donation to t1SGPqaduLSpsLC9jRQYWN7aKA5xxXqeovC. If a month passes and no developer has taken on the bounty, then this bounty maybe amended to include additional funds.

Bounty Info
Upon completion and a Quality Assurance check, the full pot of the address t1SGPqaduLSpsLC9jRQYWN7aKA5xxXqeovC will be delivered to the developer who provides the shopify integration first.

  • Yes, this sounds like a great idea!
  • No, we should spend our time and resources on other activities.

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I’ll be standing up the BTCZ Store via Shopify. Any bounty takers let me know. Happy to test integration in production.


I’ve delivered my pledge of 25,000 BTCZ! :slight_smile:


Donated 1000 btcz. Pledge delivered.


Delivered 10,000 BTCZ leftover from Ledger Nano Project/Proposal


5,000 from me… let’s see it soon…


what happened to this project?

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No one has taken the bounty…

seems like a tech-heavy project though…lol

The problem is that Shopify is NOT sheap :confused:. And the actual bounty (76’000BTCz) is just enough for 2 month. So, how to support it for long time ? :thinking:

I asked to have a Shopify developer account for free (or very sheap)… Let’s see.


:sweat_smile: discover it now :

Everyone can open a free account, but with some limitation.


Good day, everyone! Where do we stand on this project? Lack of developer? Lack of funds? I am sending 10k into the kitty today (4/8/19) and am happy to donate another 90k if it will get this thing moving/done but I just want to know that someone is working on it. Lemme know! Oh. And I can get another 100k donated if it will get this project done, eh? Send me a note. I am always looking at ANN.


@HarryArms We really need a dev to take a look at it. It’s possible that the more BTCZ, the faster it will attract a dev to take a look at it. We do believe it’s technically possible to integration with Shopify, as the nano team got their payment solution working with it.

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Well I just added another 100k to the kitty. Maybe some others will step up now, also!

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@harryarms many thanks!

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I question whether running this as a winner-take-all, blind award to the first person to deliver is the best possible approach.

Offhand, it seems to me that at the least anyone seeking the bounty should be asked to announce the initiation of their effort, perhaps 1 - 3 key milestones, and then finally their submission to be declared the winner.


Well suppose someone was 3/4 of the way down the road to accomplishing this - would you as a developer want to be starting your own redundant effort at day 1 without knowing that?

I get the idea that competition could be desirable, but I also think other valid considerations are a) that the competition be conducted transparently, b) that in some cases a partial “runner up” award would be appropriate, c) that allowing a developer who wants to work in the BTCZ space have insight into which parts of that space are already “under effort” could be a very good thing in the respect of getting more done by having different developers (choose to) work different areas of the space rather than working redundantly w/o even knowing it!

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Sounds good to me, sj1. I might add that since VaultZ is now active? that it might be wise to take some of it to raise the funds. And just MAYBE a few more of the 92 who voted FOR this proposal might step up and put a few coins in the kitty.

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I’m not so worried about having the best solution, as long as we have a working solution. Typically, the first thing that is created is never the best solution. The thing that matters most here is that we have a plan for incremental improvement.