Pump BtcZ suggestion in Ledger Alt forum


Dear BtcZ community members,

It would be a nice option to have your BtcZ coins stored on a cold wallets such as those offered by Ledger company. They have already added support for over 1000 coins but our coin is still not there! This has to change and I would like to appeal to every BtcZ holder to post a BtcZ suggestion and/or support already existing BtcZ suggestions in their comment section:

You have to register there.


May the BtcZ be with you :wink:


I support this idea. But please don’t forget about Trezor, I have it. ))))


Actually I think that it is more likely to be listed for Trezor first !


There were some complications in implementing zksnark coins but ZEC is already there in Nano Ledger.