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Problem statement

A brief, compelling, service-oriented statement that clearly outlines the problem, need, or opportunity. Try to find several true stories that illustrate the problem and its consequences for real people.

Mission Statement or Vision

How will things be different when this problem is solved? Describe your vision in terms of objectives such as service improvements or process efficiency, not just technology.

Objectives to be achieved

Define the objectives that will help you realize that future. While “improve the Windows Wallet” or “reorganize the proposals display” are admirable goals, they are too general. You need to express your project goals in specific terms that people will understand. Identify the key goals of your proposed project. State them briefly and in plain language, and then elaborate as needed to fully explain them.

Preferred approach

Describe how you will solve the problem and achieve your vision. Write a brief statement that describes the approach you plan to take. When discussing your approach, describe the key factors that underlie your choice.

Benefits statement

The benefits of solving your problem or reaching your goal are an integral part of your business case. People want to know how your project will help them.

Performance and progress measures

Performance measures give the community a concrete way to assess how the project is doing relative to their expectations, and identify where improvements are needed. In order to retain support and funding beyond the initial approvals, state how and when you will give progress reports against the performance measures established in your business case.

Risks and ways to address them

What are the potential risks the realization of this proposal may carry? Explain how the approach you have chosen reduces the risk or at least takes it into account. Anticipate the kinds of questions the community will ask about risks and have ready answers based on your analysis.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

Like a blueprint that guides construction, a well thought out plan of work is a critical component of your business case. The plan of work must take into account the existing infrastructure, funds, volunteers available, time constraints, and other changes required to make your vision of the future a reality. If you need a helping hand , the use of a collaborative decentralized team of volunteers can help, for example, will involve activities and milestones related to creating networks of participants and conducting project activities in a collaborative way.

Cost estimates and funding sources

“How much will this cost?” and “Where will the money come from?” An evaluation of costs and benefits is essential information to provide in your business case. Your cost estimates should cover all elements of the project: human resources, technology, consulting, training, physical plant changes, and so on. The analysis must also assess the impact of ongoing costs, such as training and maintenance, and related activities.

Opposing arguments and responses

Every project that will be covered by the Community Fund should be scrutinized, and rightfully so. In addition to all the questions you’ll hear, you are likely to face some opposition to your project when you present your business case. Your earlier analysis that identified points of contention and alternative ways of looking at the issues will help you prepare to defend your decisions. Expect those issues and alternatives to be raised by one audience or another. Anticipate their reactions and be prepared to respond to them in as informed a way as possible. Have solid data to back up your position and show how the advice of recognized experts or the experience of other jurisdictions supports your project. You should also listen carefully to concerns and be willing to hear and consider new ideas that might improve your plan.


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