Rebrand Wallets into Full Node and Light Wallets


Problem statement
Currently the BitcoinZ community manages many different types of wallets, the java swing wallet, the copay wallet, and the cli wallets. The problem is that the names are little confusing and it’s hard for a new user to wrap their heads around the difference between each wallet.

Mission Statement or Vision
To make things a little more clear, I would like to rebrand the Wallets as follows:

  • Windows (Swing) Wallet => BTCZ Full Node Wallet
  • Copay Wallet => BTCZ Light Wallet

I would also like to merge the repos in bitcoinz-wallets github repository into the main btcz repo so that all of the main projects can live together.

Objectives to be achieved
By renaming the wallets, it makes it a little bit easier to explain to people the difference between the wallets, and also allows the users to decide which wallet works best for them. Also, by combining the github repositories, our rankings should increase our rankings in coingecko.

Risks and ways to address them
Website and external links may become outdated. We will put redirects into github to minimize the disruptions, but ultimately we need to get all links updated to point to the wallets.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

  1. Rename the projects immediately after successful vote
  2. Find and update links to wallet projects on website

Cost estimates and funding sources
No cost

Opposing arguments and responses
The light wallet is a centralized wallet and goes against the core beliefs of what BitcoinZ stands for. By actively promoting the light wallet we are promoting centralization. While this is true, anyone can download and run their own BWS software. If properly documented, then I see no reason that the new light wallet is not decentralized if anyone can run a server.

  • Yes
  • No

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it is a good idea. The proposal has my vote


Every little improvement is a big Step! Thumbs up!


I agree with this statement. I would probably agree with the proposal too if the difference(s) between each wallet type were explained with clarity and seen to fall into two clear categories. I’d write the explanation, but I’m not clear on it myself!

If were enhanced with appropriate wallet description/categorization info first w/o changing any names, then it would be very straightforward to understand the next step of how changing the names would align everything perfectly.

IOW, more (public) information please …