Reccomandation Website For BitcoinZ- Press Release

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Problem statement: Notoriety, Liquidity of BTCZ


  1. Increase BTCZ Notoriety
  2. Atract New Investor

What is a Press Release-??

A press release is an official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement. A press release is traditionally composed of nine structural elements, including , introduction, body, and other information. Press releases can be delivered to members of the media physically on paper and electronically.

Below Some more accessible publications - and where CMC extracts Daily News!

Is OK, we Have A lot Off Video, We Have A lot off Info on website, My Humble Opinion is we must move from this point!..

This is the 3rd time you are using the same expression. So, lets dig into it.

Definition of notoriety:
The state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.

Now and based on this, your objective is to increase our bad fame?!

I know that in marketing there is not such thing as a bad fame, but wtf!

However I am not sure if this explanation is correct either. English is not my mother language.

Maybe some native english member could clarify this.

Except from the above, I agree that we might need a press release in one or two good crypto news sites and especially if these sites are used by other ones such as CMC or tradingview in order to maximize the benefits.

For example and based on the above list, tradingview extracts news from bitcoinist and coingape. If these ones used by CMC too, then picking them could maximize our views.

Notoriety means: The trait of being notorious, the fact of being known by many people; reputation, fame…Quality to be known by many people And: fame, f To be (or to become, to known etc.) by ~ public To be or to become, to reach, etc. known to everyone.

Yes known to everyone but for bad things.

Notorious: “famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed”.

Anyway, I think we need some native english member to clarify this.

Man, în our dex (my country is not about bad Things)

I don’t know I which country are you, but for me Notoriety means to known by Everyoane, and now if you want you debate about this, we can debate, maybe we will learn something togheter…and off course you can ask a teacher.

Yes, you could ask a teacher too because I dont think you are a native english speaker either.

For the time being, I ask google. Y could do it also some times.
As I did and see that notorious has a dual meaning, both bad and good. Most dictionaries use it as bad.

Either way I dont think it is a good thing if an objective of an open proposal has a dual meaning. We have to be extra careful with our expressions, which everyone can visit and see including native English people.

Dear Dragon , no i am not native English, - articole is to understand the sintax for Notoriety…în my post reccomandation is for BitcoinZ to gain Notoriety, to be known by Everyoane

And off course is good, you have opinios!

It is obvious.

What does this even mean?

Also it is “syntax”, not

It is “everyone”, not

It is “opinions”, not

I told you the other day when you have nothing meaningful to say, just say nothing. There is no point of you saying the same thing over and over again:

Y know man the only one here having just opinions based on his personal, subjective view of reality is you.

I give you the definition of the word you used based on english dictionaries and you give me as an answer this:

as well as a fking article, which obviously y havent even understood what it means (at least the 2nd bold paragraph-sentence).

Now lets get some definitions you could easily find but you chose not to just like you didnt with the folgory scam exchange too.

Even at which states a more neutral definition, the synonyms listed there are these: disrepute, ill-repute, shame, infamy.

How on earth is this 5-minute research difficult for you to do before you speak or give an answer in order to be sure about what you are talking about?

Instead you choose once again to take no responsibility (after all y r never wrong) and “throw the balls at the pigeons” as we say at my country and tell me what y should do:

So… Why dont you try this for for yourself? As it seems you really need it and learn some proper english before you speak english.

And just let me ask for a native english member (and not your personal opinion) to clarify this.

It seems that your personal frustrations are much deeper than I thought,
it’s ok for me, if that helps you unload, Now, I have in miy mind a quote from Mark Twain-this quote-


it looks like you won, I’m sorry I can’t help you.
I honestly tell you I’m really sorry I don’t know how to help you!
but you know you can analyze and comment on every word that I will write here or on our other channels.
I wish you a wonderful day!

RoaminaN Dex: NOTORIETÁTE s. f. Însușirea de a fi notoriu, faptul de a fi cunoscut de multă lume; reputație, faimă. [Pr.: -ri-e- ] – Din fr. notoriété. (if you keep asking google, ask GOOGLA FOR THIS TRANSLATION)

I gave you the definitions of the oxford and cambridge english dictionaries.
I really dont give a shit about your opinion or any random rumanian translations.

Y keep bullshiting as you did with the folgory exchange too you brought in purpose to our community.

Maybe people will realise you better.

Yep, it looks like your wounds are very deep!!take a break and rest a bit!
and try to be more positive,it will do you good!

Keep insulting man! You are just confirming me! You have nothing else to do after all!

When someone disagrees with you, the only thing you do is attacking the mentality and personality of him. You did it at folgory, I am sure you have done it before maybe in some other person or community, I believe you will do it again. But guess what, this in not a way of convincing others. On the contrary it shows an irrational person who sticks to his distorted point of view despite the observed reality.

Now and getting back to my first answer, I keep asking for a native english member to clarify this.
Are you? NO, you are NOT! Why the [email protected] do you keep answering with bullshits, which offers really nothing to the discussion? Jeez!

And YES! I will analyze every word you speak, as almost the first thing you did for this community is asking for money!

Al Capone was notorious but I think we all understand what florin is trying to say. Make bitcoinZ well known. Increase awareness. Perhaps use “increase awareness” to keep everyone happy

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It is not about what Florin is trying to say or anyones opinion. It is about what is right to be used based ONLY on english terms.

And Yes, Al Capone was notorious!
Mafia is notorious!
A corrupt government is notorious!
A drag dealer which kills its opponets is notorious!
Maybe Florin would like to be notorious!
But I really cannot see how a crypto community can be notorious!

And also Yes, “Increase awareness” would be a nice and proper term to use! Thank you Tommy!

I think you must visit urgently, someone to help you bro! To fix you! you seem to have major untreated trauma!,

Keep insulting man!

You are just confirming me!

You know this exact type of behaviour have people that are either mentaly ill or scammers…

You must have been in real pain that this folgory bullshit haven’t gone through.

Do something useful with your life, be more positive.
Put personal frustrations aside!I would really like to help you, but I don’t realize yet how I could do it, it seems that you are set on a certain pattern. You’re just talking nonsense.
And I have a pain indeed, but it is not related to Folgory’s other exchange.
It is related to my private life