Sendmany cannot send - error getrandom

I have node and I want to send money:

/home/user1/bitcoinz/src/bitcoinz-cli -datadir=/home/user1/bitcoinz/data z_sendmany “t1XeYrDvBcdeKd8tXN9EmUBAnYoRxbZEno9” ‘[{“address”:“t1QGYNeFvRAvqQk3XGMimDDfzu1b2qeSgwB”,“amount”:1}]’

and I get error:
error code: -1
error message:

How to check more details what is wrong?

The problem is with the entropy on the machine. Is too small, for bitcoinz node should be over 1000
Command to check that on Ubuntu:
cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail

Is your problem still happening?