Solo Mining Node for Nicehash, Hashflare Etc

Fellow mining community,

I come to suggest the creation of a new mining node for the exclusive use of Contract Mining Companies such as Nicehash, Hashflare, Genesis Mining etc.
Over the past few weeks we have been seeing a serious tumbling around with the distribution of the global network hashrate between the pools due to the surprise guests on pools (Nicehash?). Nicehash and other companies popping by doesn’t mean that we small miners have to be scared, for the contrary! Introducing new powerfull farms to the coin only promotes development and brand awareness aswell as pricing if they are managed correctly, which in our case would be the creation of this single node for specific use of contract mining companies! I would really like the development team to talk about this since the miners are taking a heavy hit with the lack of balance on our network! Thank you for your time and keep up the good work everyone! #BTCZ

Here there is one

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Unfortunately, there is no way to enforce anything of this sort.

  1. How do you force cloud mining to a specific pool?
  2. How do you force all other pools to ban cloud mining?

When rented hashpower joins a pool, you find a block earlier than you would if they didn’t join. This means you might get a smaller share in the current block – and tiny shares for the next few blocks, but your earnings would essentially resume with the next block. There should really be no effect on your profitability from massive hashpower joining the pool you’re mining on – other than you’ll get some payments sooner.

With that being said, rented hashpower tends to increase difficulty which in turn, makes the coin less profitable. At this time, there’s no way to ban rented hashpower via the blockchain.