Spelling and Grammar Checking


Hey guys.

Love all the work you guys have been doing but I have noticed that some of it is let down by poor spelling and grammar. I appreciate we are a diverse community and English may not be everyones first language and that’s why it is important we all leverage each others strengths.

Thar said, as a poet and a writer, I would like to offer a helping hand to anyone that would like me to proof read any of their marketing material/official announcements and make sure spelling and grammar are up to scratch and that everything makes sense.
Nothing worse than bad grammar to let down some of the awesome stuff the community creates!

Just chat me on telegram or discord or something anytime or just send me a message on the forum and I will get back to you as soon as I can with any revisions.


I would also be happy to aid in grammar checking (for English content)


Awesome. Anyone else able to help with this, put your names down.

Also Would be cool if we could get some bi-lingual members that could translate materials in to their own respective languages. Let the world see that btcz is truly global.


hucked on foniks werked fer me!


Wanted to add the best way to contact me for proof reading (English) is via my email: [email protected]


My English grammar and maybe some sens of the phrase that I write are probably not exact :sweat_smile: and I also will be happy that some one correct me…

but… I’m not sure that a private way is the right way. Not one person only should correct the message, and the way to correct the message before post it can change all the sense.

It is possible to “Plugin” the forum a functionality like in some website specialized in language learning (busuu, babbel,…) ? So as the basic message and the corrected one could be see.