Sponsor a Hearthstone Youtube Streamer

(moved from old proposal system)

Email address

(YouTube streamer) - contact withheld to protect their identity, for now.

Problem statement

Need more exposure to the gaming community for both: 1) advertising and use of our coin 2) on-board gamers to use their GPU to mine BTCZ for supplemental income.

Mission Statement or Vision

Global eminence and adoption by persons who are inclined to use technology is necessary to empower those same persons to educate masses and build organic growth.

Objectives to be achieved

  • Growth of community - we can measure this in many ways:
  • Social media growth
  • Mining difficulty
  • Increase in newcomers asking questions
  • Integration of our payment gateways / payment solutions

Preferred approach

  • Step 1 - reach out and express interest in a partnership
  • Step 2 - depending on response, have a voice meeting to discuss their thoughts and numbers
  • Step 3 - update community on discussion and cost for sponsorship
  • Step 4 - if vote is passed, execute integration
  • Step 5 - monitor integration and that it meets the terms discussed
  • Step 6 - payment delivered for sponsorship performed

Benefits statement

Continue the growth path of BitcoinZ and its community to further aide in the journey to mass adoption.

Performance and progress measures

(please see "Objectives to be achieved " and “Preferred approach” sections)

Risks and ways to address them

  • Failure to perform - this would require to seek assurances of continued performance of the sponsorship, but if refusal, our only recourse is to remove support from our social media platforms for the YouTuber.
  • Delivery does not meet expectations - we would need to request adjustment of the exposure and reiterate the terms and the basis of the agreement - and allow reasonable time for the YouTuber to remedy.
  • Failure after seeking assurances + reasonable time for remedy - community disassociation, removal of support from social media, no delivery of agreed budget.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

(please see “Preferred approach” sections)

Cost estimates and funding sources

Between $500 - $750 for 3 months duration. Final to be determined, but not to exceed $750.

Opposing arguments and responses

  • Too expensive - The cost would need to directly correlate to the value of the YouTuber’s time, subscriber or follower base, streaming frequency, time in the industry
  • Ineffective - We need data presented to be able to measure ineffectiveness. This is where the objectives to be achieved section has outlined points of measurement. Adjustment to continued support of streamers can be assessed after data is collected.



  • Yes
  • No

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There was another proposal for Twitch gaming. Do we know how that worked out? Was it beneficial in any way, did we hear from anyone that they decided to checkout BTCZ after seeing us there?


yep we did - and you’re right, we did not have anything in place to measure it’s effectiveness.

My vote is no solely because I haven’t seen anyone mention the promotion – that they were referred by it, they heard of it, etc.

I think at this time – with us being so new, it’s an ineffective marketing avenue.

How many subscribers does the streamer have?
Can we have a link to his channel?

EDIT: Hehe… okay… after I also voted for no, the poll already shows a clear trend… so dont mind my questions :wink:

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A great way to measure effectiveness is to set up a landing page for referrals.
The popular youtube streamers average 100,000 views per video (about 10 times more than twitch)
Also, youtube videos are practically permanent - twitch streams will only pick up the viewers who were actually viewing during the promotion.

I understand the wow factor. I checked out Hearthstone, some videos are popular and some are not. His latest video is already at 30k, game oriented. What about Economic oriented?

I’m not sure I understand your question.
Are you asking how we get gamers to be interested in BTCZ?
How about, “Hey guys! Get paid while you watch Hearthstone Youtube videos. Start mining bitcoinz on your gaming PC. Just set the bitcoinz miner running while you’re watching youtube”

I can’t say I’m the world’s foremost expert on advertising, but this is the track I’d go down. What computer gamer would turn down “free” bitcoinz?

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I wish it was that simple. When I mention to Gamer friends about Crypto at all they tend to get upset. This is mainly due to the raising cost of Video Cards and the scammers on EBay of fake cards. I am a computer tech so daily I get these views, I don’t dis-agree with getting a Youtuber, but if you are, get one that crosses platforms. More like a reviewer with a large following. They should pointing out the value of BTCZ over others like Doge. Most of these coins can be slowly mined in a browser and have little effect the CPU or GPU, so you can keep gaming. If I could game, watch youtube and get free BTCZ at the same time. Just by going over the math, BTCZ will raise up the top 100 and that is why I mine BTC and BTCZ.

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very good point - I’ve read a lot of angry gamer posts!!!

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