Termination and rollover of funds from the Exchange Race


Problem statement
The fundraising setup for the exchange race https://hodler95.github.io/exchangesrace/ has stalled it will take 100 years at the current pace of donations. this isn’t helping and is just tying up funds that could be used elsewhere. We are in the process to raise funds for other current exchanges with more turnover that could use the funds. It has been going for 127 days

Mission Statement or Vision
Roll the funds over to the current donations fund to be used on new exchange or other expenditure.

Objectives to be achieved
Push funds to newer initiatives rather than being tied up on something that is going nowhere.

Preferred approach
Roll the funds over to the general donations addresses.

Benefits statement
The funds can be put to use now rather than waiting for something that clearly is going ahead.

Performance and progress measures
Funds will be transferred

Risks and ways to address them
No risks

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)
If vote is successful roll funds over

Cost estimates and funding sources
No cost

Opposing arguments and responses
Some wold argue that the exchanges listed on the https://hodler95.github.io/exchangesrace/ page are valid, we could just keep it going with a bit more notification and try to reach the goal.


  • Yes
  • No

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Good idea! Must have to roll over to much more helpful place like Marketing stuff, integrations or other exchange proposal.


IMHO, a lesson needs to be learned here. The latest and greatest won’t be amazing for long. We need to be patient and see proven value in something before being willing to pay for it.


Totally agree, lessons learnt are important.

We need to be patient and thoroughly research what we are getting into regarding exchanges, especially the returned value, to the community and BitcoinZ’s growth across the crypto-sphere.

I hope we can focus the funds in avenues to cover BitcoinZ across news platforms such as CCN.


thanks - this vote looks like it will pass in the required 7 days. We’ll move the funds from the races to the Community Fund multisig wallet after the vote has completed.


vote passed - I’ll be moving the funds in these exchange race addresses to the multi-sig wallet: t3hTi3fXhcjgjRktoiucUKRtDXxV4GfEL1w

closing the topic.