Transaction went wrong?



I got a problem with a transaction to stock exchange. I did it yesterday and contacted stock exchange.
The Transaction alrdy got 369 confirmations but is not listed in block explorer.

Adress and currency is right. Where is my BTCZ?

Screen is showing adress and txID.

I appreciate every help. I dont know who i may ask to solve the problem at all. Thank you guys.


Even under block hash and adress i dont find any results.

Am i lost? :wink:


what wallet version are you using?


i have same problem transaction from exchange to mobile wallet its been their for 3 days now more than 1000 confirmation
and i am unable to contact any one from support
this is the worst coin support i ever seen till now even less popular coins have better support


from C-CEX? they appear to have stolen everyone’s coins that were on their exchange…