Unable to restore android wallet


I mined som BTCZ back in 2019 into my Android wallet and backed it up using a memoric seed.
Now I try to restore it using the 12 words but am unable to.

The error I get is:
Could not access the wallet at the server. Please check:

  • password
  • derivation path
  • service url

Did I write down my memoric seed wrong or do I need to change something to get it to work?

Please help.

Try on discord -on support Channnel- https://discord.com/channels/365065626668105728/399678616176427008

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download Electrum pc wallet from here:

Get your privatekey from your 12 words converted here:

So you just import your privkey to Electrum and boom your funds are back

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I am trying to get my private key through: “bip32jp.github. io/english/”
What should the derivation path be like? I tried m/44’/0’/0’ and m/44’/177’/0’ but both give me keys which restore an empty wallet.

44 177 0
And that pass should work with Electrum

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Nope, still nothing. Tried all kinds of derivation paths but all restored wallets from those turned out empty.
Is there any other platform besides Electrum that I can use to try and restore my BTCZ wallet?

I try to restore in android too and not working. You?

Still no luck. Tried various methods of getting private key from recovery phrase but none seem to work.

@dR.BaNaNe @GreyFox if you have 12 phrases, go to https://iancoleman.io/bip39/

Insert them to the first section (bip39 mnemonic) with spaces like: chair tabble carpet etc

After this, select coin BtcZ

Then it generates out your masterkey which is
Section “Account Extended Private Key”

Copy that.

Download Electrum PC wallet

When you start it dont select recovery, instead make a new wallet and at the second steps it going to offer insert masterkey.
Insert back what you copied out before.
Going to give back your wallet instant.

Thank you for the reply. I tried that but still same result, it just opens up an empty wallet. I am starting to think that I might have written down the seed wrong or something because everything I try with Electrum-BitcoinZ wallet just turns out empty. :pensive:

The mobile wallet is working again for the most devices. Please at least try to move your coins out to another app and back up your new wallet.