Unable to restore android wallet


I mined som BTCZ back in 2019 into my Android wallet and backed it up using a memoric seed.
Now I try to restore it using the 12 words but am unable to.

The error I get is:
Could not access the wallet at the server. Please check:

  • password
  • derivation path
  • service url

Did I write down my memoric seed wrong or do I need to change something to get it to work?

Please help.

Try on discord -on support Channnel- https://discord.com/channels/365065626668105728/399678616176427008

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download Electrum pc wallet from here:

Get your privatekey from your 12 words converted here:

So you just import your privkey to Electrum and boom your funds are back

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I am trying to get my private key through: โ€œbip32jp.github. io/english/โ€
What should the derivation path be like? I tried m/44โ€™/0โ€™/0โ€™ and m/44โ€™/177โ€™/0โ€™ but both give me keys which restore an empty wallet.

44 177 0
And that pass should work with Electrum

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Nope, still nothing. Tried all kinds of derivation paths but all restored wallets from those turned out empty.
Is there any other platform besides Electrum that I can use to try and restore my BTCZ wallet?

I try to restore in android too and not working. You?

Still no luck. Tried various methods of getting private key from recovery phrase but none seem to work.