Vendor Proposal Guide


If everyone puts some effort into trying to get more vendors to accept BtcZ as a payment method we can increase the adoption of our favorite currency a little bit at a time.

If you buy something/like something online, chances are a lot of other people do too, and especially if you frequent a shop, use your patron status as a bargaining piece.

For example, I buy a lot of Kratom, so I have been emailing the site I use, which accepts several other crypto currencies, and trying to make my case for why they need to accept BitcoinZ.

Here’s my email got reference: "I believe I’ve contacted you in the past about accepting BitcoinZ as a payment method, seeing as you already accept several crypto currencies.

BitcoinZ is leading all equihash coins with innovation and has massive growth potential compared to more high marketcap coins. It’s all time high price was over .02, and it’s currently at .0017, so massive gains are imminent (great community and very active dev team, creators of the kioskz restaurant payment gateway, ZHash algorithm that had been adopted by a number of other coins, and much more to come)

You can trade it on,, tradesatoshi, and more, and it has extremely low transaction fees.

I am a loyal patron of yours because of your quality Kratom and because I can pay in crypto, but I find it inconvenient having to transfer my btcz to BTC and deal with fees.

If you were to decide to accept btcz (guide linked below) I would actively advertise it to my hundreds of crypto twitter followers and over the various formats that the btcz community inhabits, you’d be helping the btcz community, and therefore the price, and therefore your wealth.

Thank you for reading this far and I look forward to hearing back from you

*First paragraph I took the time to explain what BitcoinZ is, why it’s relevant and how we still have a very active dev team that’s leading the way for ZHash coins, and pointing out how we have massive growth potential.

They are a business so you want to make it sound like it’d be profitable for them to accept btcz, and therefore invest in their future.

*Then I highlighted where btcz can be traded to illustrate how it’s easy to sell or exchange if they want. I usually use,, tradesatoshi, exmo as examples. Also make note of the very low fees because that makes it stand out a lot compared to BTC fees.

*Then I make clear that I am a loyal customer, they need to know that you plan on paying with btcz if they add it, and it helps to mention that you will be sure to advertise to whatever audience you have, you can even exaggerate the amount of potential customers it you want (they need to know this is a good business Choice)

*Then I linked to the article in steemit that explains how to begin accepting BTCz for businesses, very important part.

I also would add the chart linked below to the email to illustrate what makes us superior to other coins:

And of course you can post on this forum or twitter for the community to follow up on your request by emailing the vendor as well. The more the better!

Go forth! Btcz sells itself, we just need to inform!