Volunteers wanted to run https://btcz.rocks/

Hello BTCitizenZ,

Our only page we have so far, https://btcz.rocks/, needs updating.
It is hosted by @cryptorex and its source is here: https://github.com/bitcoinz-sites/btcz.rocks

We could really use someone refreshing of its contents as it’s really outdated. If anyone has any experience with web page design and with the content at github, please offer your service, maybe we could come up with a VaultZ reward bounty for it, if required.

Parallel to this we are going to have a new web page run by @VandarGR but it wouldn’t hurt to have a viable alternative especially since most of the job is done on btcz.rocks and all our currently only page needs is updating and maybe a slight graphic boost.

Surprisingly, no vote in my post this time :smiley:

Please comment and volunteer (?) :slight_smile: