VPS Seeder Solution Quiestion


Hi there,

Im running a seeder on btczseed.xyz but apparently its not working great with screen, Ive opened it today and it was switched off. Can you suggest better solution so I can be sure its working 24/7 even if they restart the VPS servers which i suspect they are doing.

Also do you think is a good idea to create a tutorial of how to run a seeder on VPS?

Also was not sure where to post the thread.

Regards and keep the good work.


Would be great if someone could write a small manual, I have a stopped vps.


I run mine using docker. My relavant dockerfile portion looks like this:

      context: seeder
    restart: always
      - 53:53
      - 53:53/udp
    command: ["-h", "btczseed.1ds.us", "-n", "btczseed.1ds.us", "-m", "{EMAIL_DOMAIN}"]


The above config is for a docker-compose config, not dockerfile.

But yes, I agree. Docker is the way to go.


Im trying to install Docker on the VPS now and Im getting the following error. The VPS is Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.

“Process: 8387 ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)”

Any ideas?

Found the error its the Kernel version. And seems like I cant update it.
Is there any way of updating the kernel on VPS?

Thank you.