Wallet Sync Temporary Solution


We apologize for any inconvenience that the swing wallet not working has caused! We are actively working on resolving the issue permanently. For now, please see below.

Remember - wallet issues DO NOT result in loss of your coins. Your coins live on the blockchain - as long as you have your wallet.dat and/or your private keys, you are safe.

DOWNLOAD LATEST https://github.com/bitcoinz-pod/bitcoinz-wallet/releases


Close your wallet
Goto %AppData%\BitcoinZ
Delete all EXCEPT your wallet.dat
Re-run your wallet - give it some time to try and find connections to continue the sync from where it left off.

IF connections remain at 0 after a reasonable amount of time, then:

Close your wallet
Edit your bitcoinz.conf file located at %AppData%\BitcoinZ
Edit your bitcoinz.conf with Notepad, Textpad, or Notepad++ to include:


Restart your wallet

wallet help anyone here?

A new release for the windows binary here: https://github.com/renuzit/bitcoinz-win/releases/tag/1.1.5_2
Basically, drop in and replace the ‘zcashd’ file in the gui with this one and it should resolve any issues.


We’ve released a new version of the swing wallet that contains the patched daemon. This should resolve all EOF errors. Thanks all the work @renuzit on slack did to get this up and running!



The official wallet repo on github has now been updated with the patch that resolves the EOF error.


A new “official” release of the BitcoinZ Windows Wallet has been released to bitcoinz-pod. Anyone using the ‘patched’ wallet should upgrade to the official release. You can download it here:

More than likely a reindex will need to be performed on the blockchain database. If you get a “EOF” error, click on the “reindex.bat” application found in the “tools” folder.