Wallet website dead


Is any chance to restore coins from wallet while wallet website is dead ( mybtczwallet )? I have private key and wallet address.


If you have your private key and wallet address you can always recover your coins. We have a second copy of the wallet online here: https://mybitcoinzwallet.com

We’re also working on a new one that will live totally in github and can not be taken down easily when a community member decides to do so.


Thanks a lot. I was so scared.


You’ve got nothing to fear as long as you have proper (and secure) backups.


I receive an error saying Error. Error: Request failed with status code 400 when using the above site


A couple of things to try:

  1. Smaller transfer amount
  2. Smaller fee (ideally, 0.0001)

If you’re mining to a Web wallet, the wallet probably receives many small transactions. When you try to make a transaction using those funds, the Web wallet has to gather all of those transactions and may hit the limit of the transactions it’s allowed to process.