Warnings and error messages in BitcoinZ Wallet 1.4.0


I’m getting a lot of warning messages coming up in my Wallet in the last week or so.

Has anyone else been getting errors? Or is it just me?


I’m error free, what kind of errors?


Expected ‘,’ or ‘}’ at 5780:29

at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetJsonValue(ZCashClientCaller.java:1064)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetJsonArray(ZCashClientCaller.java:1034)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.getWalletPublicTransactions(ZCashClientCaller.java:236)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel.getTransactionsDataFromWallet(DashboardPanel.java:609)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel.access$600(DashboardPanel.java:68)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel$5.gatherData(DashboardPanel.java:256)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DashboardPanel$5.gatherData(DashboardPanel.java:251)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DataGatheringThread.doOneGathering(DataGatheringThread.java:193)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.DataGatheringThread.run(DataGatheringThread.java:174)

Caused by: com.eclipsesource.json.ParseException: Expected ‘,’ or ‘}’ at 5780:29
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.error(JsonParser.java:490)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.expected(JsonParser.java:486)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.readObject(JsonParser.java:251)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.readValue(JsonParser.java:177)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.readArray(JsonParser.java:212)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.readValue(JsonParser.java:174)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.parse(JsonParser.java:152)
at com.eclipsesource.json.JsonParser.parse(JsonParser.java:91)
at com.eclipsesource.json.Json.parse(Json.java:295)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.executeCommandAndGetJsonValue(ZCashClientCaller.java:1061)
… 8 more


The usual reads something like, "Only one usage of each socket address is normally permitted. Expected value at 1:2.


this has been happening to me as well, says something about walletconflicts??? wtf?? and showing details for transactions i am not attempting to send?? not exciting as i have a lot of money/time invested.


also says something about socket pair, and it is not selectable txt… come on btcz let’s get a unique and improved wallet, this coin has massive potential.


i think it may have something to do with the t addresses that are created by the wallet to move left-over coins to when a z address is created. the wallet says normally you only use those addresses once? might be the issue?


errors are still coming in quite frequently last time I checked.

I’ve actually turned off my wallet because so many errors were coming up.