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I have a question, a suggestion for the BTCZ community.

I’m building a website that allows users to earn money by recommending this site via links. On the website you will be able to buy packages with referral links and coupons for a blockchain-based lottery with a high probability of winning. Everything based on the one cryptocurrency. I would like it to be BitcoinZ. In this case you will also be able to buy BTCZ, which is necessary to use the services in packages with a specified amount of BTCZ. I think that my website will contribute to BTCZ promotion around the world.

The project is expensive, but I do not ask the BTCZ community for financial support, but I am asking if if I choose only the BitcoinZ cryptocurrency for the project, in the initial phase I can count on the support of the BTCZ community in the promotion of my site. Such mutual help.

On the site would write expressively that all the fun is used to earning and, above all, promotion of BTCZ.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Can I count on the support of the BTCZ community in the initial promotion of this site?

  • yes
  • no

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You have my support, thats for sure
Edit: We should all get in on this. It could be big!


This looks promising. Keen on hearing more details of your proposal.


I like the lottery idea and the fact that you like BtcZ.

As long as the website is not suspicious (it is really vague what you are proposing atm) I would have no problem in retweeting or promoting it. Anything to improve organic and honest BtcZ adoption.


I think this project can be lead by the author (you) as a side project inside BtcZ.
I cannot see any reason to be proposed/ voted for.
If it has a reason, Im very curious and please explain why it needs to be voted instead of taking actions to make it happen.
Personally I dont support any gambling, its always for easy money making for the house. Its never a winner thing for a player. However a self made Gambling site can be Honest. To make a gambling site legal, should need to be attached to a legal entity (company).
Companies above BtcZ community would break our Decentralization, its against our whitepaper.
Inside our Community, any numbers of groups or entities can be made, which is partly or entirely lead by the community or has rights.
But easiest way: to get a casino accept BtcZ coins itself, so we dont need to build a legal background for it.
Feel free to geather interested members of this project and I suggest to aim first sites which accepts Cryptocurrencies and connect with them, ask for an offer.