Welcome to BitcoinZ!


@Marcelus yea, Im a full in holder since '17 October, but Renuzit invited to be among you from January. I just offered to make together charity project than and its happened.
So when you realize your words are as worthy as the others, its Decentralization what is flow you around.
So lovely to be here with you and creating together in an awesome community!
Let me say hi and welcome if I missed it or again! <3


Hello, Everyone

new to this crypto. I can say that I love this community. BitcoinZ is one of the most active Dev I’ve seen. You guys have accomplished more than any other in a year. I just started Mining and so far I love it. I would love to see this Coin accepted with Amazon. If this happens, this coin will blow up quick. (I send a letter to Santa and see if we could get this Gift, ha ha. That would be a nice gift)but anyway, I saw one of your videos showing how a business can accept BitcoinZ and exchanging it to Fiat right away. I think this is a genius idea, since businesses would like to get paid in dollars right away.


:smiley: Nice community. It was a beautiful gift to the world


Hello guys, I am new in your community, hope to learn a lot of new information!


Nice to be here with you guys! Thank you for welcoming


Feel free to ask any questions!