Welcome to BitcoinZ!


Welcome to the BitcoinZ Discourse forum. Please be courteous and respectful of everyone!


Happy to be here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad to be here!
All in with BTCZ. LEZDO DIS!


What kind of beautiful forum is this? :slight_smile:


It is a gift from Equipool for the world, thank you very much! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Between this and payment api today. Im a happy camper.


The best things in life are free! <3


Hello all!
Happy to be here with BTCZ team!


Hello All!

I love BitcoinZ and everything related to it. Community, devs, …


  • P3sho


HI guys!
Let’s ROCK!!


Hi all! Happy to be in the best cryptocurrency community of ever!!!


bitcoinz good crypto


happy to be part of this community. If any help is needed i can help :slight_smile:


Long over due, but here now.


Hello everyone! Happy to be here!


Thanks for all the hard work guys!!! I love BitcoinZ and believe in it"s future!!!


Feel so blessed to be part of this team.


If this is a role call, count me as :gift:


Hi team ! I follows the BTCZ (community) since end of 2017, and I decided now to be more active !


Boys and girls - salute!
I believe in btcz intuitively as in sunrise in the morning.
Glad to be with you

and let our enemies know - for any of their adherence to principles, we will answer with complete unprincipledness!