What do you think decentralization should look like for a project like BitcoinZ? What does decentralization mean to you?


We praise and mouth the word ‘decentralization’ like it is an honorable and innovative approach to create freedom and voice for people, irrespective of any geographical or cultural boundaries. The greatest danger or threat to this methodology seems to be the human element, which is in my opinion, also the greatest to benefit from a successful execution of decentralization. In fact, the very solution that Blockchain has solved is the human inadequacy of trust involving value.

It has been injected globally to our existence and it works by software supplementing failure of trust and loyalty in humans, and also in my opinion, unseating power structures with regard to organizational hierarchies that have common goals. I don’t mean corporations, I mean the structure of a corporation itself.

To myself decentralization means survivorship of a movement that solves, embarrassingly, our failure as humans to be trustworthy and unconditional, so that no one person has the power to control people, especially not control their freedom, financial or otherwise.

What do you think decentralization should look like for a project like BitcoinZ? What does decentralization mean to you?

Please reply with your thoughts answering the above question.


Years ago, I read a book – Daemon as well as its sequel, Freedom, Inc. These books spoke to me at a depth that’s hard to explain. This, in a way is what I hope to explore in BitcoinZ. Decentralization is very hard. It goes against everything we’ve been raised to believe. From birth we learn about and experience centralization. It’s “worked” for us for so long, why would we want to change it?

I believe we’re trained from birth to believe in centralization and not to question what we don’t know. We’re raised to go with the popular vote and not seek alternative options. This is what the world is today – and I think it’s terribly flawed.

To be decentralized is to question everything. To be completely free of influence and be able to make your own decisions. To do your own research and determine what is best for you and yours. This is so drastically different from what we know that it’s impossible to do it without hundreds, if not thousands of attempts – and failures.

BitcoinZ is my playground. It’s where I learn more about blockchain technology. It’s where I seek to learn what true decentralization is. It’s where I plan to make mistakes unknowingly and learn from them! We’ve yet to figure out how to do truly decentralized voting. We’ve yet to figure out how to decentralize development, information sharing, how to build trust in a trust-less environment, etc. This, and much, much more are what I seek to learn through BitcoinZ.


Well said!
It means to me the total freedom, not anarchy, something more!
What humanity lost in the history, because there were always ppl who wanted to gain more on others losses and treated them like slaves till nowadays… Ppl think Decentralization brings chaos, so gov and fiat crack, and we cant do nothing… NO then will come our time for real! We will be able to pay with Our money without any 3rd party person who leeching our efforts, we will be able to build more and faster our Future, the Paradise itself! Where Everyone is equally rich, no need for fight, robots works, we dream and design new projects and having fun.


It. Means… everything. And i will never stop fighting for us


Jhanny wrote, its so cool:
Answer: A crypto community project, designed and aimed at embrace decentralization entirely and wholly, through a community paper which declares the basic civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, aligned to the “UDHR, together with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its two Optional Protocols, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, that form the so - called International Bill of Human Rights.” Where the BitcoinZ Community aims to achieve this in the digital and crypto-sphere as the first official Crypto-Community, to embrace rights that promote the aforementioned international law and covenants, while aiming to protect privacy and provide the options of tools and services to ensure, sustainability, growth, and systems that compliment the duality of its members within the digital and non-digital environments.

The community, is established as to avoid the problems seen from the past hierarchical structures, and embraces the core of Bitcoin to provide trust-less transactions .


Some Quick Thoughts on Decentralization

  1. Decentralization of payments infrastructure means zero (or at least far lower) payments to rent-seekers who siphon off an unpleasantly large percentage of many peoples wealth when it moves (transacts). Then, on top of the “vig” the rent-seekers add unjustifiable fees and ruinously large escalating interest payments ultimately leading to financial enslavement (or even private prison) for many who fall into the trap (for whatever reason). The current system allows this stenchful greed to go unchecked, and even tasks the “justice” system to enforce it against the weak. I hold some hope that decentralization of payments infrastructure can counter this.

  2. Decentralization of currency creation could mean that currency and credit are no longer created for distribution only to a financial elite who then control the terms of currency and credit exclusively to their own benefit. I say decentralization of currency creation could mean a change here, but if the change is merely to substitute one set of self-dealers for another then that may not be a very meaningful change.

  3. Decentralization as storing wealth in a public ledger means anyone from anywhere can rob you remotely. It’s not all upside is it? This is a serious problem that requires substantial solution.

  4. Decentralization could mean a global reset to put all human beings on an equal (initial) financial footing. Not much evidence of that happening so far though.

  5. Decentralization could mean the undermining and fall of all current concepts of governance and the societal securities that they provide. IOW, anarchy. IMO, this would be a bug, not a feature.


For a project like BTCZ specifically, I think decentralization could mean that those who wish to participate, either by coding themselves, or by funding coding done by others, (or by other specific means) are able to participate and will have a meaningful voice/vote as regards the goals and paths of the project.


Thought experiment question: If it were possible to “wave a wand” and have all 21 billion BTCZ instantly distributed evenly to all human beings, would we (who’s “we”, right?) do it?


I would Vote yes to that!


For example with such a huge money (more ten million BitcoinZ), StateZ:
To creat a sovereign state what is not belongs to any other (Decentralization). Physically can be a part of anybody anywhere with a sign up by our rules.
So your, my household can belongs to our own state, the borders of our state are our hosehold’s borders.
People could be separated but at under one state, unattackable.
We could have our own policities.
No taxes toward the common states.
Electricity, water costage at state saleprice.