When will BTCZ go ti the Moon?


When will BTCZ go ti the Moon?


maybe in the next few years I hope :crossed_fingers:t3:


Absolutely agree! I hope it will happen in the near future


To know how far it will go up :crossed_fingers:t3:. For the moment We are on the right track, but still very far from the goal :checkered_flag:


When Zooko and his cronies are done with selling free coins they generate on all ZCash forks. Timewarp and Sapling were both backdoors they had created for themselves to create unlimited coins in Z addresses and sell them. I have no proof for this claim but historically I’ve been pretty much always right with my intuitions.

For some reason no one wants to believe it.

In the past, the unlimited coins had to be moved to Z and moved out later to “wash” them. In other words any dev could create a script to count the total number of coins moved into Z without being able to pinpoint which address had hwo many. That was not ideal for Zooko because devs like SAFE forked and cut off all coins in Z addresses if they had not moved them out into a T address by a certain block number. Basically it was sort of a war on the lazy Zooko whi had the counterfiet coins but not had them moved to an exchabge and dumped then yet. So ZCash created this new “sapling” which allows his counterfiet coins to appear within Z addresses to begin with.

There are some ZCash forks where devs are very active and Zooko does kot have a chance like KMD and SAFE.

But there are also some forks where devs made good money early on, either with early low difficulty or premine, or devs left already and they are still getting slaughtered by Zooko and devs just dont seem to care.

The remedy would be to block off or research counterfeit coins historically created out of Z addresses from nowhere.

Another solution is to fork BTCz to fully eliminate all Z address capability because it is a source of corruption either by Zooko or others.

The code is there and allows for unlimited counterfiet coin creation. Zooko and his cronies claim they burned it, but I think they lied. At lesst they are not using it for their own ZCash anymore but maybe on others.