Woocommerce BTCZ Plugin, issues


I guess according to Murphy’s law, they will all appear once BitcoinZ is Mooning and will claim the respect for themselves. Lol


I juste finished the beta version plugin for WooCommerce that work with the pay.btcz.app.
You can get the installation instruction on my github.

@simbav, could you have a look and test it ?


With @cryptorex help’s, I added some needed feature on the gateway that is now working very fine, and I also updated the WP-woocommerce plugin. See the Community hosted payment gateway topic for more info.

It 's working as expected ! But I’m not satisfied, about my self, in the plugin coding (in PHP). My PHP last practice are years ago. And any help will be welcome.

You can install the plugin in WordPress (or show the sources) by following the this : https://github.com/MarcelusCH/BTCz-Pay/tree/master/plugin/woocommerce3.4.


Going test this week, Thanks again :wink: