ZMarket - BitcoinZ marketplace


Think bitcoinZ integrated eBay.

We could sell real life stuff in an auction platform (website) that uses btcz for payments and maybe have a social network aspect where people can post news and media and people can tip with btcz

Other coins have market places like this, and we could maybe make it work like the kioskz where safetrade can swap any btcz for Fiat or btc so even people that don’t want btcz can sell stuff and get paid quickly


integration with existing ones would be legit too


This might be the best “growth” idea that I’ve seen.


Someone made a better write-up about the same idea after I posted this, check it out at BitcoinZ online shopping platform

I think it’d definitely worth a vote


Здравствуйте. мы можем пробовать интегрировать BTCZ в наш проект противодействие агротерроризму и менять масло подсолнечное или муку на BTCZ надо подумать , как сделать это легально. что бы регуляторы не предъявляли нам претензий. например мы можем запустить BTCZ на рынок Туркменистана и брать у них хлопок , заодно поможем стране сделать валютный обмен человек к человеку а то там диктатура. и рынок оживиться. но надо будет поддержать местных жителей в анонимности кошельков интернета

Hello. we can try to integrate BTCZ into our project countering agroterrorism and changing sunflower oil or flour to BTCZ, we need to think about how to do it legally. that regulators did not make us claims. for example, we can launch BTCZ into the Turkmen market and take cotton from them, at the same time we will help the country to make a currency exchange for a person to a person and then there is a dictatorship. and the market come alive. but it will be necessary to support local residents in the anonymity of Internet wallets