A new community funding mechanism


Hello Vandar & all,

I think the VaultZ is a wonderful idea that could do miracles if handled properly.

For example, we need to be sure that by implementing this there will be no old chain left behind for someone to overtake. It could be devastating if another chain split occured. It would be great if any of our devs could confidently clarify this.

Also, we really should be careful about the actual percentage of the fee. Choosing a high community fee could lead to exact opposite results from the desired ones, leaving the network with no miners and the community with a bag of millions worthing peanuts. A 3% as this proposal suggests to a maximum of 5% is the wisher choise I think and a good actual ammount of coins for our community to further expand its activities. Besides that we are a decentriled, free of charges community, not a government taxing the air our users breath.

Having these in mind I vote Yes with an asterisk to change it if the update cannot be done without a chain split. Further reasoning about the percentage could be taken place at the next proposal as I see this will pass. :wink:

Best regards.


If, for example, the fee were set at 14% (as highlighted in green above), miners would still be netting 86% of the coins they are making now, and with the push of the Community Fund making good things happen, each of those coins would be a much stronger and faster appreciating coin than we have today.

86%, or even 75-80% of a great pie is much better than 100% of “the pie that died”!

I really don’t think that 14 - 25% fewer (but better!) coins is going to cause miners to walk away from BTCZ en-masse.

None of the numbers on the table here will create a losing scenario for miners.

I would imagine a small number might leave “on principle” (because any tax or fee at all is offensive to their world view), but that just means those who remain will do all that much better.

Even those who do leave will benefit from the subsquent appreciation of whatever stash they are holding that they’ve already mined.

The only losing scenario for BTCZ miners, IMO, is if no action (or insufficient action) is taken and the coin becomes completely worthless.


Why not 99% then? Who needs miners anyway? To dump the coin? Lets keep it all for ourselves and trade against eth or doge.

By the way the network has already lost almost 20% of its hashrate since we have started talking about insane percents (20-30%). We now have zero! Lets keep it within logic and reason.


Have you stopped mining BTCZ dreigon? I know I haven’t!

Sarcasm and hyperbole is not logical or reasonable argument. Just sayin’.


And just telling is not reasonable.

And the network loss is not sarcasm is a fact.


Guys we will find the golden line between helping the Community Funds to strengthen and having a miners friendly coin.


As of this moment (on 20180913), there are 83 votes.

Is that a lot or a little?

Is there any way to easily see in bulk what the volume of votes has been on past proposals?

At what point (in vote numbers or in time passed) should we declare a result and move on to next questions (if the result is ‘Passed’)?


Good luck with this, I support the proposal, I hope nothing gets corrupted from now on.


If I remember right for major proposals like this one , a seven days time frame must be fulfilled in order to consider the voting procedure completed.

I think that the turnout was the most high ever


I think that the turnout was the most high ever

That’s the sort of thing that seems worth tracking.

Does the voting mechanism here create a database?


Indeed is something which means a lot for the whole project.
A very good outcome

Ps. Every closed proposal is in the section of the proposals.


Apoyo la comunidad!!! Viva Bitcoinz


Desde Argentina, país más austral seguimos de cerca todo lo referido a btcz. En poco tiempo se va a convertir en la criptomoneda más usada. Viva btcz


So , today two full weeks have passed and the voting procedure can be considered completed.
I want to thank you all guys and we can underline that we had the highest participation rate ever with a very strong result.
I hope that this proposal will be effective for the best future of our Community.
In a few days I am going to make the third and last part of the VaultZ proposal, code named “Hydra”.
This structure is a completed presentation for a more sophisticated way of organizing and functioning for the BTCZ community with Community subwallets targeting to increase the motivation and active participation of more members into our goals for faster expansion.
Stay tuned my friends !