Account hacked, not sure how


Looks like I was targeted or at least hit by a very smart bot.

my computer was hit by GANDCRAB V5.1 and it appears they managed to find and drain my BTCz account before I managed to secure it.

almost the entirety of my BTZ account has been drained into t1WzcZYEB9WwZyLiXrBB9gn6jDfTtK51dRE

not sure if there is anything I can do except cry for a while, I thought they crypto wallet I installed to recover my BTCz may have been the cause of the hack but if I understand the time stamps correctly they did the transactions before I managed to reinstall the wallet.

If anyone has any hints etc of what I should do I welcome a response.


Hi @Allyrats,

Sorry what happened to you :frowning: it’s really a shame … do not understand me badly, I mean that these actions are really bad publicity for all crypto communities !

Can you tell us more about the actions before? what do you installed ? wich OS ? applications, wallets, other crypto, used exchanges, etc…


Wallet Btcz is not ncrypted that is all thi is no good wallet see you this Help wher is me money?

I hade the same problem with money . Now I delete all wallet and Btcz send to exchange. Wallet is not good this is fake.


Wow … such a pity, should you try in this case to install crypto security tools? I’ve never used them, but in this case it’s better to make sure that your account won’t be hacked again


Sory but when crypted you wallet to other program wallet no making syncronized . problem.