BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Accepted Here - List

Hi Guys,

Just saw that WOO plugin is ready, good job to all…
I think we should have a list of “BTCZ Accepted Here” shops so we can go and do the real money/value transfer and make our coin great…

Also we could create some stickers for it, and make some noise… :rocket:


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I know good computer store that accept BTCZ:

But they still don’t have plugin. Should we contact them and let them know about available plugin?

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Hey @kovach I’ve moved this post to Lounge. If you’d like to create an official proposal for the community to vote on, please read this post: READ FIRST: Proposal Submission Template


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Tnx, I was thinking you deleted it because it did not follow Proposal Guides…
I think it should not be in Proposal, E-Commerce would be just fine (I will try to move it).

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One Woocomerce Shop I found on discord :

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Here is a new Cafe which accepts BitcoinZ!!

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Guys do we have any ''official" design for the "BTCz accepted here " phrase/logo ?

not yet, but we could maybe make it…

Can someone build a beautiful web page where we can post all business that accept bitcoinz, and some info about the location and stuff like that ? I offer to buy the domain if needed. or something similar.


I had planned to set up a directory with companies that accept btcz, but I’m afraid that it would be a bit empty right now

I think this is a good idea.
Even if the list is a small one…

What we could also offer is an Payment intergation, I could help with Magento or WOO.

At the end, it would be nice that we as community start buying something from those shops once they integrate our payment system…

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@KOMETE4 even if it’s empty, we need vendors to have a wish to be on that list. So we need something beautiful, BTCZ branded, with plugins, tools and advantages for business to use BTCZ, and of course the vendors list.

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I have it in mind, I just need a little time and some cash

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It would be my pleasure to buy and setup the website.
I have space on my dedicated server, and I’ll put it behind cloudflare.

Would a WordPress site be okay?
I can have this setup tonight if there are no objections.

Just purchased

I’ll load up WordPress tomorrow and we can start from there!


great job!! as a note the logo is cut looks a little weird

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