Changelly Fiat to BTCZ Payment Gateway Integration and Listing

It is with Great Excitement and Enthusiasm that I present an opportunity for the BTCZ Community to expand it’s Market Reach and Increase the Ease of Market Entry for New Investors and Developers.

For many years, one of our largest challenges has been to reach the USA market. We have been given the opportunity to list on Changelly, a Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway!

Worldwide Fiat to BTCZ Payment Gateway!

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) has never had a Direct Fiat to BTCZ option before. With the integration into Changelly, many features and advancements are immediately available.

  • People will be able to go to and use a Debit/Credit Card or Bank account to buy BTCZ Direct
  • People will be able to download the Changelly app on their cell phones and use a Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account to buy BTCZ Direct
  • Vidulum (VDL) Wallet will integrate the Changelly API into their wallet and users will be able to buy BTCZ Direct with Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account inside the VDL Wallet
  • The entire USA and Worldwide market will now have easy and direct access to Buy BTCZ
  • BitcoinZ (BTCZ) will be listed on the Changelly Exchange
  • Many Exchanges, Apps and Websites use Changelly, we will be introduced to all the Changelly partners and be able to ask them to list BTCZ on their platforms. Since they already have the Changelly API Integration we should be able to get new listings.
  • Developers who want to build on the BTCZ Blockchain can easily integrate the Changelly API into any project they are building making it easier to monetize their projects because it will be easier for the user to pay with debit/credit card or bank account.
  • The Changelly API integrates with DEX Exchanges! The BTCZ Team can integrate the Changelly app into the BTCZ DEX and take Fiat to Crypto trades!
  • Developers who use the Changelly Api with their projects can earn money by setting exchange rates and transaction fees. So developers can monetize their BTCZ Projects.

Upon listing, Changelly will roll out a marketing program for us. They will place banners on their website showcasing that BTCZ was added to their platform, they will post on social media do email blasts, release a large press release on the Changelly Blog and notify all their partners that BTCZ was added to their platform.

The Changelly API will integrate with PancakeSwap driving the Volume higher on PancakeSwap. As volume increases on Pancake swap, BTCZ will start showing up in Trending lists on PancakeSwap giving BTCZ higher visibility and likelihood of getting noticed.

Changelly has agreed to list us for a $15,000 Listing Fee, which can be made in 3 payments. The first Payment of $5,000 at the time of integration, then a second payment of $5,000 due 30 days later, and then a Final Payment of $5,000 30 days later.

We will need the community to come together to raise the funds necessary to list on Changelly through donations. I personally believe this listing is a Huge Value. This listing solves some major challenges the BTCZ project has had for quite some time, and I believe this will open up many new opportunities for the project.

Who is Changelly? Changelly was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing a fast exchange for Fiat to Crypto. They have grown to a company of over 80 Employees with over 500 Cryptoassets listed and over 350 API Partners including names like Exodus, Huobi, Binance, Trezor, Coinoni, HitBTC, Nexo, Cointelegraph, Jaxx Liberty, Simplex, Freewallet and many many more!


Please donate to one of these addresses. Thank you!

BitcoinZ t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ

Ethereum 0x4E3154bc8691BC480D0F317E866C064cC2c9455D

Bitcoin 1BzBfikDBGyWXGnPPk58nVVBppzfcGGXMx

Zcash t1ef9cxzpToGJcaSMXbTGRUDyrp76GfDLJG

Litecoin LR8bPo7NjPNRVy6nPLVgr9zHee2C7RepKA

USDT (Ethereum Network)


For more information about Changelly please visit:

Please find Changelly’s ecosystem presentation.

Changelly offers a white-label API solution enabling instant and seamless crypto to crypto exchange alongside build-in fiat on-ramp

Our partners are also welcome to choose Changelly’s DEX API:

We have added a solution for decentralized cross-chain swaps. So, users are able to transfer their tokens from different chains to Ethereum network.

Vote if BTCZ should gather funds and join on Changelly
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This seems to be an excellent and very different proposal since it is not another useless CEX listing but mostly a listing in a widely used api/medium platform that open the gates for easier access world-wide.

I only wish there was a way to implement liquidity solutions for native BTCZ coins as well.

A Yes by me and let’s make a good community work in order to raise awareness and the needed sum :heart:


The opportunity to list BitcoinZ on Changelly is a groundbreaking development for our project, and it’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm and vision within our community. The integration into Changelly not only signifies a major leap in market accessibility but also solidifies BTCZ’s standing in the global crypto space.
The $15,000 listing fee is a small price for such a substantial advancement. With contributions from each of us, we can collectively achieve this goal. Every donation, big or small, counts.

Remember, this isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the future of BitcoinZ.
As a community-driven project, our strength has always been in our unity and collaborative efforts. This is more than just a listing; it’s a step towards realizing the full potential of BitcoinZ.

Let’s join hands and make this a reality!


If to organize reverse exchange from btcz to fiat, then all together this can be organized as a money transfer system. No limits, no boards, instant payments - all advantages of crypto.
VaultZ can be filled with commissions, which will give much more possibilities to develop the project…


Absolutely, the potential for reverse exchange from BTCZ to fiat opens up incredible possibilities, aligning perfectly with the core advantages of crypto. To make this vision a reality, we currently have 30 voters onboard, but we need more support. We’re actively seeking donations to make this happen. Every contribution from BTCZ holders is vital. It’s a collective effort to see our project succeed and grow.


Yes by me.
Marketing access is what this coin lacks from the very beginning.
More implementation the better.


I’m thrilled to share some exciting ways you can support BitcoinZ’s growth and development. As we strive to make significant strides in our project, your contributions can make a world of difference. Here are three convenient and impactful ways to donate:

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