Final Listing Proposal for wBTCZ on Changelly: Uniting the BitcoinZ Community for Growth

Dear BitcoinZ Community,

I trust this message finds you well. I am thrilled to present a proposal for the listing of the wrapped version of BitcoinZ (wBTCZ) on, a Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway. This collaboration represents a significant opportunity to expand our market reach and open new avenues for investors and developers. To reach this milestone, we seek your support.

Current Status:

  • Total Funding Request: $15,000
  • Donations Received: $3,100

To bridge the funding gap, we have secured commitments from investors willing to purchase BitcoinZ directly from the BitcoinZ VaultZ. The proposal suggests selling BitcoinZ to cover the remaining $11,900 (at the price 0.2 sat) from VaultZ or less, taking into account ongoing donations.

Community Involvement:
Given that BitcoinZ is a decentralized community coin, your input is crucial. We uphold the values of transparency and collective decision-making, necessitating a community vote to authorize the use of VaultZ for the listing.

Voting Details:

For detailed information on VaultZ funds in BTCZ and USD, please visit the VaultZ homepage at

Investor Commitments:

  • VandarGR: $1,087
  • lerecidiviste: $2,000
  • Daniel: $543.50
  • Rok: $2,000
  • PanicJack: $3,000
  • Dotthinker: $250
  • Simon: $250
  • Shohanur_Rahman: $4,200
  • Nucashmining: $500

They are willing to buy the specified amounts in USD, but we are only selling BTCZ for $11,900 or less, considering ongoing donations.

Additional Benefits of Changelly Partnership:

  • People will be able to go to and use a Debit/Credit Card or Bank account to buy BTCZ Direct.
  • People can download the Changelly app on their cell phones and use a Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account to buy BTCZ Direct.
  • Vidulum (VDL) Wallet will integrate the Changelly API into their wallet, allowing users to buy BTCZ Direct with Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account inside the VDL Wallet.
  • The entire USA and Worldwide market will now have easy and direct access to Buy BTCZ.
  • BitcoinZ (BTCZ) will be listed on the Changelly Exchange.
  • Many Exchanges, Apps, and Websites use Changelly, and we will be introduced to all the Changelly partners, potentially leading to new listings.
  • Developers who want to build on the BTCZ Blockchain can easily integrate the Changelly API into any project, making it easier to monetize their projects because it will be easier for the user to pay with a debit/credit card or bank account.
  • The Changelly API integrates with DEX Exchanges! The BTCZ Team can integrate the Changelly app into the BTCZ DEX and take Fiat to Crypto trades.
  • Developers using the Changelly API with their projects can earn money by setting exchange rates and transaction fees, providing a monetization avenue for BTCZ Projects.

To cast your vote and stay informed:

Your contribution is pivotal to this initiative. To donate, please visit Your support will address longstanding challenges and unlock new opportunities for the BTCZ project.

For more information about Changelly, visit

Let us unite as a community to bring about this listing and propel BTCZ to new heights! Your active involvement is crucial to the success of this initiative. Please consider your decision carefully, as a β€œyes” vote will involve utilizing about half the amount of VaultZ for BitcoinZ.

Thank you for being an integral part of the BitcoinZ community!

Best regards.

  • No: The use of VaultZ funds is not permitted by me.
  • Yes: I authorize the use of VaultZ funds.

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Congratulations for the well written proposal.

Despite the fact that I am between those who donated and additionally offered to help in buying coins from the VaultZ, I have to confess that the current price for BTCZ is not a favorable one for the community fund as the coin has been in a devaluation spiral for many months.

I hope that the community will make its best to find ideas for empowering the VaultZ Community Fund and the future development of the Project.


We need this listing to correct the downward spiral though. This will trigger much more trading volume!
Ill pledge $100 more to the cause lol