E-Meeting #4 date

Hello all,

Here are dates for our next E-Meeting #4 where we could discuss our favorite coin’s progress.

Let us know your preferences.

  • Aug 15th
  • Aug 22nd
  • Aug 29th

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Again, we will try to stick to the same hour (8PM GMT/UTC +1).

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More votes needed here :slight_smile:


Guys maybe it would be wiser to do it after August. Most people are off because of Holidays and especially this year with the covid19 situation don’t know exactly if their flight will be cancelled, if they are going to travel somewhere else and when exactly they are going to do this.

Why not adding an option for September ?..:slight_smile:

I thought the idea was to do it monthly. But skipping Aug meeting is also an option. Let’s see what others think. If we have too few people then we could just make it a happy beer hour.

Maybe we could do quarter official meeting. With everyone. And also monthly meeting to organize topics for the quarter meeting ?

And monthly meeting could be restricted for the “active poeple” only.


Sounds good.

  • Quarterly official meetings on 2nd or 3rd Saturday of Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct
  • Unofficial meetings organized spontaneously as we go
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It would be a good thing to plan a long term schedule so we do not have to make a proposal for each meeting, just have a link with scheduled official meetings maybe of BtcZ sites news section.


Per @Monobody I’m closing this topic and consolidating to here: https://forum.btcz.rocks/t/official-btcz-e-meeting-schedule-for-2020-2021/1626