FB Groups For BTCZ Drive (not enough vote - double post - closed)


Failure (so far) of BTCZ at reaching its MOST important user: Regular Guy.

Who is Regular Guy? He’s the crypto-uninformed, the masses, the general public.

(More on our hero Regular Guy can be found at my other piece Operation Clutter For BTCZ.)


BTCZ finds a “shortcut” to mass adoption thanks to network effect. Let this “shortcut” be known as the FB Groups For BTCZ drive.


Enlist Facebook Groups owners in introducing and promoting BTCZ to the masses.


Strike a deal with owners of FB groups. Offer them BTCZ for their help in promoting BTCZ at their group.

Once paid, the group owner becomes a BTCZ holder himself. Soon he will realize that BTCZ’s success is his success, encouraging him to actually work and contribute and cooperate in the long term.

Every group we recruit gets listed in our FB Groups For BTCZ page.

At the moment, the groups on this page are my own, and as you can see, I’m promoting BTCZ by placing its logo and link to its website on the group’s cover photo. Of course, beyond the cover photo, the owner has in his disposal other ways to promote BTCZ: announcements, regular posts, games etc.

The FB Groups For BTCZ page will be a powerful tool in the FB Groups For BTCZ drive. We’ll show this page to every group owner we’re trying to recruit. Over time, this page should only grow, which should make it even easier to recruit even more groups owners.



  1. To the group owner - 0.5 BTCZ per group member, so a group owner with 1,000 members gets a one-time payment of 500 BTCZs, whereas an owner with 100,000 members makes 50,000 BTCZs.

  2. To the recruiter - 0.1 BTCZ per group member. To maximize the potential of this drive, everyone – even non-BTCZ holders – should be encouraged to recruit, hence the compensation.

Funding source: VaultZ


If this proposal gets approved, I request that I be exempted from the task of managing the funds allocated to this drive. I would be happy to recruit group owners into our cause, but please don’t make me carry out money matters.

  • Yes
  • No

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UPDATE June 9, 2020

The follow-up proposal where we decide on the issues of cost, terms of payment and limiting the number of groups is now live at FB Groups For BTCZ Drive Follow-up (passed). Please vote :grinning:


Sorry but for this kind of thing it’s a waste of money like the Telegram page with 20 000 people but for no purpose .
As soon as they get the BTCZ they will sell, they will not become regular users.
They will contribute to crash the market instead of stabilizing him.

We already have a lot of costs coming.
1)new wallet
2)new algo
3) new websites
4)hardware ledger wallet(maybe)

That’s why it’s a NO for me , for the moment.


You are addressing THE MOST important matter of our project - BTCZ awareness. And you present one way of increasing it. I like this idea.

How will you discriminate redundant members/groups? Let’s say there are 3 similar groups with 20,000 people. 75% of it are the same people. What then? :slight_smile:


Thank you for voting!

The proposal targets (and will most likely attract) first-time users, who I’d imagine are considerably different than the users at Telegram when it comes to their level of crypto-literacy. These people – the group owner and his members – don’t yet trade, nonetheless we want them on our side because this type of users are the “holy grail” of cryptocurrencies. These people represent the vast majority of the population. Wouldn’t we want BTCZ to be their first actual experience in crypto?

Besides, if they chose to sell, this means BTCZ went to another person, which IMHO is a good thing. At this point in the life of BTCZ, I think exposure is more important than price.


Thank you for commenting!

Your concern is valid, but in reality, it’s difficult if not impossible to compare the composition of one group to another with such a high degree of accuracy. But anyway, let’s assume that we can actually do this. What then?

We can minimize the redundancy problem by spreading the groups over many countries and interests.

For example, we can limit the countries to just 10 groups each and under every country the groups are about different topics (cars, relationships, business etc.).


You have my vote Sir. :wink:


We could offer to pay the group owner in installments, say equal monthly payments over 12 months. This should discourage outright selling and encourage long-term partnership.

To establish trust, we need to pay the first installment on day 1 though.


Nice idea, everything is about exposure after all!


I’m on Yes. Good idea. One BTCZ for one, not half a BTCZ. I’m adding my BTCZ to that. No problem. Don’t limit it. And a million people have no problem with the current price of BTCZ :slight_smile:


Thank you for your approval!

Once this proposal has passed I’ll make a follow-up proposal where we settle the issues on cost, terms of payment, and whether or not to limit the number of groups.

I agree with you on not limiting the number of groups. If I were a member of multiple FB groups and I see that BTCZ is being promoted at all these groups, it can create the impression that BTCZ is everywhere, which in all likelihood will convert my curiosity into action. Indeed, redundancy can be a good thing!


The follow-up proposal where we decide on the issues of cost, terms of payment and limiting the number of groups is now live at https://forum.btcz.rocks/t/fb-groups-for-btcz-drive-follow-up/1580. Please vote :grinning:

We should try harder to find products which people want to have and promote BTCZ as the payment method. Is anyone good at marketing?

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This social media approach doesn’t work as anticipated in my experience. I have the BTCZ Snapchat account and people have added it in the past for whatever reason, but none of them who I’ve messaged even know what Bitcoin is,let alone BitcoinZ. They don’t even know what a blockchain is. I’ve tried talking to them. They just don’t get it and don’t want to try to understand. It is going to take us coming up with some really good websites with products and services that people want. BitcoinZpoker.com is a good start. It needs some work on the site graphics imo and some heavy marketing. Naturalhempsations.com , I thought would work well, but I don’t know where to find buyers, much less people that I can communicate with and tell them about BTCZ. We need to find more users with like interests.

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Thanks for commenting!

I wouldn’t dismiss anything as working/not working, especially this early in the game. Things change all the time (like people). What didn’t work before could work this time (like social media). What’s unheard of yesterday could become common knowledge tomorrow (like blockchain). To me, what we’re dealing with is basically just a “time and numbers” game. If talking to 100 people today didn’t work, let’s go talk to 1,000 people tomorrow. If that didn’t work either, how about 10,000 people next month? Still didn’t cut it? Over the next couple of years let’s wave BTCZ at a million, 10 million, a hundred million people. The community working together plus the network effect potential of social media, I think BTCZ mass adoption is doable.